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White Paper: Burger Brands and Twitter

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twitter_icon5I don’t often open to outside contributors, but I’ll consider making a exception when someone else knows a topic far better than I do. Such is the case with Harry Hawk and Twitter. Harry understands it and is interested in how both burger brands and consumers use it and interact through it.

Harry teaches in the Hospitality Management Program of New York City College of Technology and has worked in both the hospitality and technology fields for many years. He also has spent a great deal of time looking at burger brands’ Twitter activities. He’s charted how many followers each has, how often they tweet, how inclined they are to publicly respond to tweets and more.

He has compiled his research into a white paper that makes for very interesting reading even if, like me, your knowledge of the intricacies of social media is minimal. His paper can be accessed here. To see the full chart that accompanies it, click here.

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  2. Tom

    As an FYI, Culver’s Butterburgers and Frozen Custard has 3,884 Twitter followers. That would place them higher than 7 of the listed burger places.

    With Kind regards,
    Tom Johnson