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White Castle Adds Little Square Breakfasts

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The White Castle chain is 90 years old, so it could be excused for moving a bit slowly, as it historically has done on the menu and marketing fronts. But last year the chain showed some surprising liveliness by testing three new dining concepts: Deckers Grilled Sandwiches, Blaze Modern BBQ and an Asian/Italian concept called Laughing Noodle. Now the company is focusing on White Castle itself. 

First, the home of the 2-inch-square Slider serves an expanded breakfast menu, beginning now at midnight. And to its credit, White Castle manages to assemble not just one or two but 10 items for breakfast (which the chain is serving after midnight):

● The Sausage Egg & Cheese breakfast sandwich (at left) with fresh-cracked egg on its 2-inch steamed bun, or on wheat toast (at right; not available in all locations).
● The Bacon, Egg & Cheese sandwich (with hickory-smoked bacon) on the steamed bun on wheat toast.
● The Egg & Cheese sandwich on steamed bun or wheat toast.
● The Sausage & Cheese sandwich on a steamed bun or wheat toast.
Hash Rounds bite-size potatoes.
French Toast Sticks with syrup.

White Castle also noticed that every other burger chain is “re-imaging” and remodeling, and so it, too, has a sleek new dining-room prototype. Columbus Business First reports that the latest updated design is on view in a Lewis center, Ohio, location. The brand basics are still there, but the feel is a bit more modern. And the 90-year-old square burger tradition continues.

5 Responses to White Castle Adds Little Square Breakfasts

  1. Lippo

    I think the breakfast menu has been around a long time (at least at my local White Castle). For White Castle, it’s actually surprisingly very good (they use a realy egg with their sandwiches). I think what is new is that they are starting serving at midnight. I also think the frnch toast sticks may be new.

  2. Doomo

    Yep! All the castles I have been to have been doing the breakfast sandwiches described here for several years… Best is sausage , egg & jalapeno cheese on toast.

    But you are way behind the curve on this one…

  3. Venom

    Breakfast White Castle after a night of drinking at the bar. Mmmm
    This is dangerous.

  4. admin

    Apparently so. Have breakfast on me.

  5. Doomo

    Hey Admin… First, I doubt you are ANYWHERE close to 90… Second, I have enjoyed the hell outta yer site for a while now… It was just fun being able to beat the smart kid in school to the punch on an answer. Still a big fan.