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Which Menu Items Should Jack Dump?

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Jack in the Box says that it will roll out new menu boards, in conjunction with which it intends to trim a few menu items. The new boards will be less cluttered, providing better visual appeal and more space to spotlight signature items and LTOs. Sonic recently announced a similar plan to cull its menu. 

Jack in the Box Chairman/President/CEO Linda Lang declined to say what is departing, but said criteria included not only strength of customer demand but also how big an operations pain a given item might be. Jack’s already decided what’s toast and doesn’t want our input, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all conjecture. 

Which menu items do you think Jack in the Box will eliminate?  You can vote for as many as three. If you think something other than what’s listed is exiting (and I’m just guessing here), please leave a comment and name your menu victim. Voting ends June 1.
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3 Responses to Which Menu Items Should Jack Dump?

  1. Amy

    Jack should lose the grilled sandwiches. Do burgers, buddy.

  2. Karen

    AMY – the grilled sandwiches set them apart from the other burger places! That allows for the yes vote when you have a car of folks to please at lunch time!

  3. Jason

    It’s the variety that keeps us coming back. A small menu doesn’t make the food taste better. Maybe just trim the menu according to region if some items do not sell well.