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Which Burger Should Top Chef’s Gail Simmons Endorse?

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gail_simmonsNow that “Top Chef” hostess Padma Lakshmi has landed a gig as slinky spokeswoman for Hardee’s Bacon Western Thickburger, it seems unfair for the show’s other judge, Gail Simmons, to be without an off-season burger deal.buford_big

Toby Young, the Hobbit food critic who came across as a weird blend of Benjamin Button and William F. Buckley Jr. while sitting in as “Top Chef” guest judge, doesn’t have a burger deal either. Perhaps he could serve as the face of Burger King’s Angry Whopper, but we don’t have to think about Toby any more.

But sweet Gail deserves a burger deal, if only because she always looks liked she sneaked a Wendy’s Double or two just before taping started. She’s never been ashamed to say she loves a good burger, and she counts New York City’s Shake Shack, P.J. Clarke’s and BLT Burger among her fave joints.

And heaven knows Gail has plenty of free time for filming burger commercials since her responsibilities with Food & Wine magazine are always vaguely defined as “special projects.” That includes setting up the tents for its annual Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Colo., I know, but how long can a seating chart take? The woman could use something else to do while Bravo hunts for more grade-A chef talent like this season’s Melissa “I must cook better food” Harrison.

Cast your vote! When you think of Gail, which burger springs to mind?[poll id=”null”]

2 Responses to Which Burger Should Top Chef’s Gail Simmons Endorse?

  1. I had to go Big N Tasty after her latest look on the Top Chef finale!

  2. MEP

    I’m thinking a “The Women of Top Chef” competitive burger eating contest. Anyone want to bet against me that Leah quits after the first bite?