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When You Care Enough…

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vdayHow do you build business in a down economy? Take a tip from Madeline Poley and Spiros Zisimatos, who are making Valentine’s Day a burger holiday.

Their two New York Burger Co. restaurants in Manhattan offer the Valentine’s Day Burger Bouquet, which the restaurants promote, quite rightly, as “The fastest way to a man’s heart.” The $25 “bouquet” includes a sampler of three of its signature mini burgers: the Chicago burger (with cherrywood-smoked bacon, Cheddar and Thousand Island dressing),  Dallas burger (Monterey Jack cheese, grilled onions and barbecue sauce) and Seattle burger (portobello mushrooms, grilled onions and house steak sauce).

I’d pay $25 for that, but, wait, there’s more. There’s three house-specialty dipping sauces, housemade potato chips and a brownie. And delivery is free. Not bad for a town where a coffee-and-croissant breakfast in a mid-scale hotel costs more than $25, and it sure beats buying dye-dipped flowers from a Mickey Rourke clone at an intersection.

In sum, it’s a clever, inventive way to boost business.

New York Burger Co. has two locations in Manhattan.  Its menu goes beyond burgers to include chicken, salads, smoothies and more. Have a look.

One Response to When You Care Enough…

  1. MEP

    Points to NY Burger Co. But let’s think this all the way through… a wise man would send this to his wife or significant other to prove he doesn’t think she’s fat or, better yet, that perhaps she needs to put on a few pounds. That says Happy Valentine’s Day.