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Watch Out Big Mac, Whopper: Wendy’s Plans New Burger

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Let’s see, McDonald’s has the Big Mac, Burger King has the Whopper and Wendy’s has…the Wendy’s Single.wenburg And the Double.

That’s not exactly an equitable or, from a marketing standpoint, an ideal matchup. But Wendy’s Arby’s Group President-CEO Roland Smith this week told securities analysts that the No. 3 burger chain will introduce a new premium-price signature burger this year along with premium chicken items to mark Wendy’s 40th anniversary.

A premium burger is likely to generate more menu excitement than the panko-crusted Pacific cod sandwich that Wendy’s launched last month. And a premium burger helps balance the continuing bad news about breakfast that Smith has had to share with Wall Street. Smith says the breakfast items Wendy’s has been testing in select company-owned stores “just weren’t very good” and are being pulled. Wendy’s will “retool” its breakfast menu in Pittsburgh; Kansas City, Mo.; and Phoenix and see if it can do better. A national rollout of a revised breakfast menu is envisioned for 2011, Smith says.