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Wendy’s Tests Bacon Blue Burger As New Burger-Wars Weapon

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[Note: As of March 20, advertising is done but the Bacon & Blue will stay on menus for awhile.]

[The Bacon & Blue was launched nationally on Feb. 22. See update here.]

[July 14 Update: Wendy’s spokesman Denny Lynch confirmed the test of a Bacon & Blue Burger, which he said is built on a quarter-pound patty. No definitive calorie count is available because topping variations are part of the test, but with bacon and blue cheese, the burger will be “an indulgence,” he
Additionally, Lynch confirmed that Wendy’s has more than a dozen products in test, including burgers, chicken and salads, to “ensure our shelves are full with fully tested products. Some stretch the envelope; some are tried and true and predictable.” As for the company’s earlier vow to have a new signature burger this fall, Lynch said a new burger might be “improved; maybe not ultimate. We’ve already improved the bacon, so that’s an evolution there.” That “signature” also might just be in the toppings rather than the burger, he said. It may not be until 2010 before a new burger is introduced systemwide, he said, “but clearly we’re on our way.

wendylogo1Wendy’s, which promised Wall Street it would introduce a new signature burger this fall, is testing a Bacon & Blue Burger in selected markets. Topped with applewood-smoked bacon and a blue-cheese spread, the burger is priced at $4.29 alone or $5.99 as part of a combo in Greensboro, N.C., one test market. But stores in New England and the Pacific Northwest also are said to be testing the burger.

In May, Wendy’s/Arby’s Group President-CEO Roland C. Smith told analysts during a first-quarter earnings call, “We plan to introduce a new signature hamburger this fall to drive sales and enhance Wendy’s reputation for serving the best hamburger in the QSR business.” The six-bacon-strip Baconator burger, added as a limited-time offering in 2007, was Wendy’s last major burger addition. There’s no certainty that the Bacon Blue Burger is the “signature” product Smith promised, however: It could be one of several new burgers under consideration [Ryan, in his comment below, says Wendy’s also is testing a Bacon Deluxe burger]. Wendy’s officials were unavailable for comment on the test.




A new burger with a unique flavor profile is especially important for Dublin, Ohio-based Wendy’s–the No. 3 U.S. burger chain–with McDonald’s having introduced the third-pound Angus burger line this month. Burger King has added its Steakhouse burgers and a series of LTO burger specialties. And Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s continue to score with bold-flavor additions such as the Teriyaki Six Dollar Burger and the Portobello Mushroom Six Dollar Burger. If it’s a hit, the Bacon & Blue Burger could get Wendy’s back on the burger-wars playing field. No national burger competitor currently offers a blue-cheese-topped burger.

Wendy’s infatuation with applewood-smoked bacon was evident earlier this year when it was added to the chain’s  Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit and Bacon Mornin’ Melt Panini sandwiches as part of its continuing effort to revamp its breakfast menu.

Wendy’s sister-chain, Arby’s, has a Bacon & Bleu Roastburger as part of its new roast-beef sandwich line.

63 Responses to Wendy’s Tests Bacon Blue Burger As New Burger-Wars Weapon

  1. paul

    I just had one for lunch. Was a big letdown, won’t order it again. I really like blue cheese with meat but there was no real taste of blue cheese. A restaurant I use to live by had a blue cheese and bison burger that was excellent, I was kind of hoping that this burger would taste like it ( at least have some blue cheese taste

  2. Vanessa

    I am not a burger fan. This is the ONLY fast food burger I enjoy eating. It is AWESOME! It is not too can something so yummy even be too big? This burger is the only reason Ive started eating at Wendys again because other than this burger the only other good stuff is the nuggets, frosty, chilly, and baked potatoes. I hope this burger stays!! Id eat them daily if I could afford too, lol. Good work Wendys with this burger! =]

  3. Bring It back!

    Ever since it came out to wendy’s i’ve eaten it atleast twice a week.. Maybe even more. And ever since they took it off the menu, i haven’t gone back once. I’d like to see it back on the menu sometime soon..

  4. I'm Blue!

    I began going to Wendy’s frequently because of the Bleu burger – but now that it’s gone, we don’t go there much. This is a real kick in the teeth to the many fans of the Bleu burger – bring it back!

  5. BRING IT BACK! NOW! Please

    LOVED this hamburger!!!!! It was definitely a unique taste compared to any other fast food menu. And I agree with previous comments. When I first had this burger, I began going to Wendy’s more and skipping the competition. Since the burger was discontinued, I have not returned nearly as often. Wendy’s, please bring this burger back. My mouth is watering in anticipation!

  6. Bring back the Bleu

    Anyone know if they’re bringing back the Bacon and Bleu? This was my favorite as well, now i’m craving for one…Please Wendys bring back the Bacon and Bleu, PLEASE..Pretty please with some bleu on it. :)

  7. Jon

    Bring It Back

    I miss this too. It was the only good item on the menu.

  8. Josh

    Bring it back, pleeease… It really was the best burger. After I would finish one, I couldnt wait until the next time I would have one. Now I drive past and go to burger king. Just bring it back…..

  9. dyablo deangeles

    I loved this burger, and as a result visited many times, however, if it’s Wendy’s decision to exclude it from the menu than I say “Well earned. You will get what you have coming. Stay the course, you’re on the right business track.” Soon we will see another greedy American company go under as so many do, and it will be well deserved.

  10. Jo Anne

    That is absolutely my favorite sandwich, and i haven’t been back since it came off the menu…PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!

  11. Mimi

    oh, how i miss the bacon & blue. please make it available again to all of us B&B fans. we’ll be so very grateful.

  12. Tammie

    Omg I can’t even tell you how much I miss this Burger!! I hardly get fast food…and when I do it’s usually burger king..I would drive out of my way to get one 3-5xs a week I craved that flavor. Still do!! I have tried to replace it and NOTHING COMPARES! I want this back…bring it back!

  13. AdrenlinX

    The bacon and blue burger is the best fast did burger I have ever tried. Hands down. it is the perfect combination and blend of flavoring and filling I have ever had the pleasure I’d trying in the burger market. Spicy food had always been my passion. That being said, I would still rate Bain and bite higher than the angry whopper, which I would give a close second. The only thing I can think of for burger standards that I would taste hover is the Red Robin bite ribbon burger, which I enjoy adding jalapeños to, but is on a different level being table service. I wish they would bring this burger back, it had been years and Crave it ohhhhh so much