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Wendy’s New Slogan: “Now That’s Better”

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[4/30 Update: Morgan Smith Goodwin returns in new spots for side dishes and late-night dining. See them here.]

Wendy’s is using “Now That’s Better” as a new advertising tagline, succeeding “You Know When It’s Real,” which has run since October 2009.

The slogan appears this week in a new TV spot from agency Kaplan Thaler Group, New York, promoting Wendy’s Spicy Guacamole Chicken Club sandwich. The commercial features an attractive young red-haired woman (actress Morgan Smith Goodwin) who is not identified as being “Wendy” but who still may have a recurring ad role. President-CEO Emil Brolick has said the chain’s marketing needs distinctiveness and continuity

In a March 1 earnings call, Brolick told analysts, “The fact is that too many consumers don’t have top-of-mind awareness of what makes Wendy’s better and what makes Wendy’s different. We also see a distinct opportunity to create a consistent look, tone and feel for our advertising that will become synonymous with the Wendy’s brand.

“We are creating an original campaign that ties all the elements together with a unique look, tone and feel. So when consumers see it, they will say that that’s Wendy’s advertising,” he added.

As Wendy’s new campaign develops it is expected to include brand-image-building components as well as product-sell elements. Taking a thinly veiled dig at rival McDonald’s, Brolick also said that others are “featuring how they’re sourcing produce or how they’re sourcing beef or a variety of things” despite not having “legitimacy or authenticity” to do so.  Brolick said that an important piece of the campaign beginning this month will be “sharing what makes us different and what makes us better.”

8 Responses to Wendy’s New Slogan: “Now That’s Better”

  1. Please make more ads with Morgan S Goodwin ..She is incredible…Now please don`t get me wrong I have three kids and we used to eat at Wendy`s at least once a month …but this is Monday night and I took the crew to Wendy`s..all five of us …You have found the right girl…she is so sweet I feel I should back up her career and support the cause…Oh! and the food is fantastic…but what a girl…so it`s a win-win situation…Thank You very much..hope to see more of Morgan soon..Regards..Paul

  2. Oh…I`m sorry I meant to say NOW THAT`S BETTER…Paul

  3. Pat McGroyne

    Wendy’s has a hit on their hands! She is incredibly beautiful!

  4. Jim

    I think she acts like a smug know-it-all. She makes me want to eat at McDonald’s and I hate McDonald’s.

  5. Reg

    The red head Morgan Goodwin has got to be the sexiest prettiest girl on earth!!!!

  6. Todd

    I love to eat at Wendy’s and I love the new commercials! Morgan Smith Goodwin is a great addition to the Wendy’s family. Who couldn’t fall for a cute redhead like her? The commercials are well written and realistic. Now that’s better!

  7. SP

    She is adorable. She is the only reason I go to Wendys. Now how about paying your workers a living wage and some health benefits? I think the top 10% of your company can take a cut in wages to make this happen and still be well off.

  8. Carl Greene

    Now that’s marketing!
    Epitome of the girl next door, not knock dead gorgeous,(which we see too much of and find somewhat intimidating at times) but cute and perky and honest! Almost as good as your Where’s the Beef! Well done!