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Wendy’s has Dick Vitale; Carl’s Jr. Has Heidi Klum

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Baconator, baby

“It’s the bacon, baby!” will be Wendy’s new mantra in a campaign with high-decibel announcer loudmouth Dick Vitale touting the double-patty Baconator burger. The campaign begins Feb. 25, but you won’t see it unless you live in one of seven Northeast cities (including New York City, Boston and Philadelphia) where spots will air.

Vitale appears in TV commercials set to air through March. The campaign includes social-media components and a dedicated website,, according to Sports Business Daily. Wendy’s has a history of involvement with college basketball. The chain currently has a promotion tied to the Wooden Award, given to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Player of the Year.

 ♦ Model Nina Agdal barely finished her mammoth Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich before Carl’s Jr. found another pretty face to love. Heidi Klum, super model and executive producer/host of “Project Runway,” will appear in a commercial for a new Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s burger, both due to debut in March, according to Entertainment Tonight. Klum parodies Anne Bancroft’s Mrs. Robinson character in the film “The Graduate.” And yes, she and her burger (as yet undetailed) will be trying to seduce you.

Klum has appeared in several TV commercials for McDonald’s in her native Germany.

Burger King joined the English muffin camp this week, augmenting its breakfast menu with a Bacon Gouda breakfast sandwich that it is offering on a choice of biscuit, croissant or English muffin.

McDonald’s long has been the champion of English muffins as a breakfast bread while Burger King briefly tried a muffin breakfast sandwich in early 2010 but since then has stayed with croissants and biscuits. Sonic likes thick toast, tortillas or croissants for breakfast sandwiches; Wendy’s breakfast test menu includes toasted honey-wheat “artisan muffins” or biscuits. Always the exception, Jack in the Box uses it all, offering breakfast sandwiches on toasted sourdough, waffles, toasted white bread, biscuits, croissants and burger buns.

The $2.79 bacon, egg and Gouda sandwich is part of Burger King’s latest breakfast upgrade, which includes rollout of its Smooth Roast coffee blend. To encourage trial, Burger King restaurants are offering small cups of hot or iced coffee for 25¢.