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Wendy’s Launches First Blue-Cheese Burger

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wendy_baconbluesiteWendy’s today finally made it official, formally introducing the Bacon & Blue cheeseburger on its home page after testing the innovative burger for more than six months. It’s the first blue-cheese-topped burger from a national quick-service chain. The rollout follows Wendy’s CEO Roland Smith’s advisory to analysts last month that the chain would add the new burger during the first quarter.

Topped with Wendy’s new applewood-smoked bacon and sautéed onions, the Bacon & Blue burger was tested last year alongside the Bacon Deluxe, which the chain added nationally at $3.99 last November, backed by the “You know when it’s real” campaign. TV spots for Bacon & Blue continue that line coupled with the closer “Get your hands on one, before somebody else does.”

Not everyone is a blue-cheese fan, which is one reason chains have shied away from trying it. But Bacon & Blue has received enthusiastic comments from burger lovers on this site. The on reservation has been worries about just how “indulgent” (i.e. calorie count) it is, since nutrition details have not previously been provided on Wendy’s site. Those figures now are out: Bacon & Blue has 680 calories (360 from fat, of which it has 40 grams) and 1,390 mgs of sodium (there’s bacon, remember). While the Bacon Deluxe was added in single, double and triple varieties, Wendy’s lists Bacon & Bleu on its menu only as a single-patty option for now.

14 Responses to Wendy’s Launches First Blue-Cheese Burger

  1. TJ

    This Bacon & Blue is amazing. I’ve tried this burger yesterday after not visiting a Wendy’s for at least 6 months or so and I think I’m addicted. This is one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. I expect a quality burger from someplace like Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Red Robin, or one of those other “restaurant” burgers, but this kills ’em all. I don’t get it. How’d they get away with it?

    I see their website talks about this being available for a limited time only. That’s crazy. If Wendy’s takes this off their menu then they’re absolutely insane. I ain’t going back to the Classic.

  2. MS

    TJ where did you have your B&B Burger? I had one in Louisville last week and despite this combination of ingredients being one of my favorite builds for a burger. And despite it looking like the crew member took their time to assemble the sandwich with some due care, it tasted terrible. Plus at over $6.00 with tax for a small combo, I do not think I’ll be buying this again. If I’m going to start spending in this range then I’ll go to somewhere like Cheddars or Red Robin.

  3. Rick City

    I had my first one tonight and loved it.

    I’m a cheese fan, so getting some tasty cheese in a burger is a good thing.

    I was surprised that the bits of blue cheese were actually…blue cheese. Combined with the nicely flavoured bacon and their regular sized patty, and bun it made for a great sandwich.

  4. Jason

    I had one yesterday and it was AMAZING!!!!!!! just WOW!

  5. Lynne

    Oh, my goodness! What a wonderful burger! Never have had anything as great! My only fear is that in this area, they said it was “temporary.” Say it isn’t so!!!

  6. Di

    I’ve gone twice for this burger. It’s delicious and flavorful.

  7. Okay, to be honest – I had real high hopes for this burger. I mean, I love blue cheese. Hell, I eat blue cheese with my fries and everything. BUT, and here’s the kicker, this burger tasted like .. SOAP. WTH?! I mean, everything was prepared alright, but it friggin’ tasted like soap.

  8. Erica

    I’ve never been a blue cheese fan…I never loved/hated it.. but this burger made me LOVE it! I love Wendy’s bacon and blue and seriously hope that it will stay on the menu for a long time…no, FOREVER! for those of you who didn’t like it, perhaps it was that particular restaurant because what i ate was seriously one of the best burgers i’ve ever had from a fast food restaurant! I will definitely be going back for more!!!

  9. rl

    will the bacon blue burger ever come back out on the menu soon???

  10. Leonard M

    Im so looking to try this BCB this week. Im a huge Blue Cheese fan!

  11. jj

    was super ready to try this and hopped on the bus to go down to my local wendys – only to find they had no idea what i was talking about. won’t go back without some serious coupon to use. the manager just shrugged and said don’t have while the cashier wanted to know if i wanted a Baconator. arghhhhh

  12. Judging by the .ca suffix to your URL, I’d say the problem is that the Bacon & Blue on Brioche isn’t available in Canada yet.

  13. karen

    I love blue cheese burgers….but this is a mess…instead of blue cheese being dropped to melt on my burger…it was in a dressing…I don’t want salad dressing poured over my hamburger. .I ate as much as I could stand..taking paper towels and wiping it off ..but still threw over 1/2 away. I’m in tennessee