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Wendy’s Bacon & Blue Burger Gets Its Chance to Star

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wendysbaconblue[The Bacon & Blue was intro’d nationally on Feb. 22. See update here. It is a limited-time menu option, but we’re hearing B&B will stick around awhile!]

There’s more applewood-smoked bacon coming. Wendy’s/Arby’s Group President-CEO Roland Smith this morning told analysts at Cowen & Company’s 8th Annual Consumer Conference that the chain will introduce its Bacon & Blue cheeseburger systemwide this quarter. The chain tested both that burger and the Bacon Deluxe, which it chose as the centerpiece for its “You know when it’s real” campaign. That burger has been a hit, Smith says, so the other test burger, topped with blue cheese and the chain’s new bacon, will join the menu this quarter. 

Wendy’s remains committed to establishing itself in the breakfast market, Smith said. A new morning menu goes into test in Kansas City, Mo.; Phoenix and Pittsburgh, and will be quickly expanded to other markets. “Real, Quality, Fresh” is the positioning, Smith said.

Also planned this quarter is a relaunch for Wendy’s panko-crusted Premium Fish Fillet sandwich, which likely will get advertising support when Lent begins on Feb. 17. A rollout of the Fresh Wraps line doesn’t appear to be on the first-quarter agenda. Smith also did not comment on the new natural-cut fries Wendy’s is testing.

arby501Smith was frank in discussing opportunities for Arby’s, saying the brand’s traditional reliance on couponing had taken a hit from Burger King’s heavy couponing for the Double Cheeseburger and other items in the second half. Smith also said Arby’s $5.01 Combo promotion didn’t drive traffic as much as had been hoped and expected. The chain has begun expanding its $1 Value Menu to 2,500 stores this week. Relaunches of Arby’s premium chicken tenders and Market Fresh sandwich and salad line are planned this year.

Noting wide news coverage of Wendy’s recent closing of its stores in Japan, Smith said that was the result of dissatisfaction with its license holder there and not a pullback from international markets. Wendy’s will find a new partner and re-enter Japan. The Wendy’s brand has the potential for 8,000 restaurants outside North America, Smith said.

33 Responses to Wendy’s Bacon & Blue Burger Gets Its Chance to Star

  1. npd999

    I just got a Bacon & Blue from my local Wendy’s today. It was delicious! The best fast food burger I’ve ever had probably (except for In-N-Out).

  2. Joe Polk

    I just had a Bacon & Blue today here in Pittsburgh. It was awesome. Job well done Wendy’s!

  3. Mannie

    wow this was simply deliciouss!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jefe

    Confirmed – the Bacon & Blue is absolutely, fantastically, delicious. My new favorite fast food sandwich.

  5. Heavyc

    I’ve had 4 of these Bacon & Blue the past 2 weeks. Its the best burger out there PERIOD!!!

  6. Dayna

    I just had a Bacon and Blue burger and it was very disappointing. So much so that when I got home I looked it up on the internet to see what went wrong. There were no onions or sauce. The meat and entire sandwich was very dry and tasteless. What a bummer. Not what I would expect from Wendy’s which is usually one of my favorite fast food places.

  7. Rob

    Frankly, I wouldn’t expect 90% of people to even give a burger with blue cheese a chance. I am open to blue cheese as I know it can be a good taste if done right. Figuring that a big chain like Wendy’s wouldn’t release anything but a solid well tested product, I decided to give it a whirl.
    This is the most disgusting burger I ever attempted to eat.
    There was lots good about it. Good sauce, juicy burger, tasty applewood bacon, fresh ingredients, but I couldnt get past the mound of blue cheese once I got to the middle. Everything I smelt or tasted the rest of that day was ruined.
    They gave me a free drink as I threw out my burger.

  8. Werefrog

    I rarely eat red meat (not going to be a popular opinion here I think), but I broke down and bought one today. It was absolutely delicious. The main reason I don’t eat red meat is that it’s rarely (for me) worth the health detriments, but this burger was an exception. I loved it even though the service was lousy even by fast food standards (perhaps, it just seemed that way due to my awful cold).

    Anyway, I’m definitely going to have stop in at Wendy’s for one of these before they get rid of them.

  9. Luke

    I literally just finished scarfing down my third “Bacon and Blue” in three days. The juices of the succulent applewood bacon and crumbs of Bleu cheese still drip from my lips as I type. This is the best damn fast food hamburger I have EVER had! Case closed!!!!!

  10. bruce

    I know what to expect from fast food, dry, tastless, and bursting with preservatives. I ate one of these bacon and blue sandwiches, and quite frankly, it felt as if someone had planted a piece of TNT in between the two halves of my brain, lit the fuse and WALKED AWAY. It blew my *&^$ing brain apart. And Verdict HOLY #^$* that is a good product.

  11. Gary

    I tasted this burger for the first time 5 days ago and have been back 2 more times since then – not bad for someone who never gets a burger (I went in for the salad).

    This is by far the best tasting burger I’ve ever had at a fast food restaurant!

  12. Wisecracker

    Bacon and Blue is the best damn burger Ive ever had from a fast food burger place. Wendys whatever you do do not take this off the menu cause it fn rocks.

  13. ronitron

    I heard of this mystical burger and had to savor it for myself, im known to enjoy the robust flavor of blue cheese and this bad boy had me burgin out like a mofo. I hope they discontinue it asap for fear of gaining 500lbs. sooooo goooood.

  14. I love this burger. I must have had 8 of these today alone. My mother didn’t agree with me having so many burgers in one day, but I told her to shut up! She’s always watching me from her rocker, always watching and judging. Who is she to comment on my weight or blue cheese burger consumption. Soon she will be gone, and then nothing will get in my way…

  15. Trujillo

    It was the bomb! Forget anything negative anyone has 2 say and give it a chance. I never tried blue cheese in my life until now! I wouldn’t eat it alone. But the bacon and blue is off the hook!!!!

  16. Trujillo

    Another thing ask 4 extra bacon!!!!!

    I’ve had the bk whopper
    and the hardys frisco burger
    and the McDonalds Big Mac
    And NONE of them compare to the Bacon And Blue
    This is my favorite burger
    in my opinion it beats out red robin burgers
    It needs to stay on the menu FOREVER!!!
    Bacon&Blue-KEEP IT!!!

  18. Sarah

    Best burger I’ve ever had. HANDS DOWN!! I’ve actually been quite addicted lately. Have had 4 in the last week :( And I never eat fast food! Great for the test buds. . . I’m sure bad for the waistline. LOL

  19. Michelle Auger

    I absolutely love this burger. I was sad to see it taken off the menu. Hovever, I saw a commercial last night re-introducing the burger to Wendy’s “three ways to have your applewood smoked bacon” One of which is the blue. I was sadly disappointed that upon my visit to Wendy’s to order a burger, they looked at me as if I was a ghost, stating that they do not have this on their menu. Why would Wendy’s announce it, but not acctually have it? Disappointing. Don’t advertise things that you don’t actually have!

  20. Tom

    I went in today to have one of these bad boys, I must admit at first I was a bit confused by what I was seeing seemed like chunks of blue cheese, but when I bit it omg!!! that was so awesome I also ate it with the hot sauce they give it was awesome!

  21. Carly

    Well, they got rid of it. This was my FAVORITE burger. I guess its good its gone, just because if they would have kept it around any longer, I would have gained 300 pounds off those things. But I hope they come back for another round soon!

  22. Jamie

    I am so depressed that it is gone. Everyone obviously loved it. I hate them.

  23. Another Rob

    I agree with Rob. It was great at first until I got to all of that blue cheese. It made my head hurt. I joked that I had blue cheese poisoning. lol.

  24. edward wilkes

    The bacon blue, the best burger wendys ever made.It’s sad to see a goood thing go.

  25. Reece

    I Want It So Bad Right Now, Im Considering Making My Own, Please Bring It Back

  26. seth

    “Edward Wilkes” is right it’s really sad the best ever Wendy’s Burger is now gone. I wish they will bring it back on their menu.

  27. It appears that this burger is liked by quite a few people. Unfortunately for me, I am a bit leary on any burger with blue cheese on it. Seems like it is a big hit though…my two cents

  28. David

    I admit, I gave it a try too. I thought it was “ok” but definitely not the best burger ever. My fav is still the “Blue-Nami” from Islands, as far as blue cheese burgers go. They did change the sauce on it recently though, which put it down a notch or two in my opinion.

  29. Barbara Smith

    It is no wonder why Wendy’s is one of the most popular fastfood chains in the country. It has always committed itself in giving what’s the best for its customers. I have tried Blue Burger and it was totally delicious.

  30. aholidays

    @Talisa yeah you are right, bacon and blue is the best from Wendy’s. The chain nearest to my home has not started the $1 value menu yet and hoping they start it soon here.

  31. Jim

    I loved the bacon and blue cheese burger, but surely if it was such a favorite for so many people Wendy’s would not have taken it off the menu?

    They might be a lot of things, but they are not stupid.

  32. Kris

    Wendy’s, Please bring me back my Bacon & Blue, no other food on earth was greater. I was stuck in Korea for a year dreaming about her, holding that big hot juicy mama in my fingers filled me with Bacon & Blue lust, Then the day came to come home and it was gone, WHY!!!. Why did you take her from me! My brain has been in quite some pain since. Eating all the other jokers burgers hit rock bottom in my stomach and my wallet. Please Wendy’s bring my love back to me, free her from the dungeon.

    Thanks SGT Bowman US Army Active

  33. beto S.

    Why did u take away such a delicious burger please bring it back…..please o please