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Updating the Summer’s Burger Trends

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Here’s where we are with four trends influencing the burger business:

Sonic’s Breakfast Burritos: now with egg whites.

 BLT: Bacon mania has, not surprisingly, brought a renaissance for the BLT sandwich. BLT burgers had to follow and they have. McDonald’s first tried a Quarter Pounder BLT in Japan, then moved it to Canada. Now the QP BLT is offered across Texas, North Carolina, Virginia and other markets. Watch for it to be nationally available soon.

Egg whites: Sonic Drive-Ins have followed McDonald’s lead and now offer the option of egg whites only in place of whole eggs in breakfast burritos and sandwiches. McDonald’s Egg White Delight McMuffin started the trend. Is anyone out there offering an egg-white-topped burger?

Cronut Burger from Epic Burgers and Waffles in Toronto.

In Japan, McDonald’s has added an eggless McMuffin that’ more lunch than breakfast. The summer McMuffin has a sausage patty with tomato slices, Cheddar cheese, lettuce and yellow mustard.

Ruby Tuesday’s pretzel burgers

 Cronuts: The hybrid of the croissant and doughnut created (and trademarked) by pastry chef Dominique Ansel has received far more media attention that it merits. But when the trend creeps into the burger arena, well, that’s news. Toronto joint Epic Burgers and Waffles and bakery Le Dolci are teaming to offer Maple Bacon Cronut Burgers at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto from August 16 through September 2. The price for such trendiness? The burgers will be $10 each.

Pretzel-bun burgers: They’re the burger trend of 2013 (which you’ll recall forecast would be The Year of the Bun). Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger kicked it off. Dunkin’ Donuts has answered by offering any of its bakery sandwiches on a pretzel bun. And casual-dining chain Ruby Tuesday has joined the parade with a set of four pretzel-bun burgers. The varieties: Spicy Jalapeňo Pretzel Cheeseburger; Portabella Crispy Onion Pretzel Cheeseburger; Bacon Cheese Pretzel Burger; and Black and Blue Bacon Pretzel Burger.

3 Responses to Updating the Summer’s Burger Trends

  1. Did you see any trends/emerging trends re: the use of cheese? Thanks.

  2. I still see White Cheddar as this year’s trendiest cheese. Gouda is a close second.

  3. Sean

    I think Buffalo Wild Wings also has a pretzel bun burger.