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U.S. Burger Chains’ Sales Top $63 Billion

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With CKE Restaurants’ release today of preliminary results for its fiscal year ended Jan. 31, 2013, it’s now possible to estimate 2012 sales for the top burger chains and see how they align. On an earlier post, estimated that Burger King held the No. 2 spot for domestic sales, slightly eclipsing Wendy’s. Now it’s possible to assemble a snapshot of the Top 7 chains (with estimated numbers for Wendy’s and Jack in the Box; others’ numbers are from company filings). Combined domestic sales for these chains last year were $63.57 billion.

McDonald’s continues to dominate in both global and domestic sales. In the U.S., the chain reports company-store sales last year of $4.53 billion and franchise-store sales of $31.063 billion, for a domestic total of $35.59 billion. That easily maintains its status as the largest single restaurant brand of any type in the world. Led by McDonald’s $88.29 billion, combined global systemwide sales for these burger chains last year were $124.04 billion.


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