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Top This: The Whopper of the Gods

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The burger battle in Australia is the most interesting faceoff outside the U.S. One reason is that McDonald’s has some real competition in Hungry Jack’s, the name under which Burger King operates there. Also making the tug of war between them engrossing is the continuous one-upmanship in burgers and bravado as the chains try to outdo each other.

Which brings us to The Whopper of the Gods.

Officially, this latest Hungry Jack’s burger is part of a tie-in promotion with the “Thor” film, but it also works nicely as the latest answer/counter to McDonald’s string of upscale “M Selections” items such as Grand Angus and Mighty Angus burgers and Chicken Bacon Deluxe. Hungry Jack’s “all-powerful” Whopper of the Gods has two beef patties, two slices of cheese, a “heavenly layer” of bacon and, oh yes, a “divine smoky sauce.” Watch the commercial here. It’s all a tongue-in-cheek wink, of course, but you can’t help but hear Hungry Jack’s yelling over to McDonald’s, “OK, mate. Beat that!”

The Whopper of the Gods isn’t Angus beef, but Hungry Jack’s has that trend covered: It takes Angus to the breakfast menu with a “premium, flame-grilled” Angus Brekky Wrap. Like McDonald’s Angus Snack Wrap, HJ’s upgrade of its previous morning wrap has chopped Angus burger patty, egg, bacon, cheese and barbecue sauce.

A tough, close competition requires two sharp ad agencies and Aussie battle one has them. Clemenger BBDO, Sydney, has the HJ’s account and handles it well, just as the DDB Sydney office deftly promotes McDonald’s.

One Response to Top This: The Whopper of the Gods

  1. Ronn

    It aint nothin but a double whopper with bacon. Seen it done it and yeah I walked out after 2 sayin “OK, mate. Beat that”