Top 20 Burger Joint Logos

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Some clever people work for burger joints, and not all of them are in the kitchen. As burger-centric restaurants have become more sophisticated, the look and feel have followed suit. Names have become more playful. And logos have become more stylish, more memorable. A good logo should say more than “We serve burgers.” It should communicate a bit of the flavor of the concept and signal the creative culture. To qualify for this list of burger logos, a restaurant had to have the word “burger” (“brgr” counts) in its name (if you’re a burger restaurant, wear it with pride) and the concept could have no more than five locations (i.e no chains). This is the list; no doubt yours is different. Perhaps your list includes the logo for your burger joint. If so, or if you just know of a great one, feel free to send it to Everyone loves a good sequel.

BareBurger, New York City: There are so many B’s going on here–burger, bear, beer, bike–that you have to love it.

Beyond Burger, Texas City, TX: Simple but elegant; nice use of the burgers for “e.” Black and white is distinctive.

Bluegrass Burgers, Louisville, KY: The double-B brand mark in the center sold me. Good colors.

brb – Be Right Burger, Reston, VA: Goofy, cheery, orange: You have to smile.

brgr, New York City: Points for resisting using a burger; you can almost taste it anyway.

Bucu Burger Bar & Bakery, Paramus, NJ: Half burger, half cupcake, get it? Not sure they go together, but the logo works.

Bull City Burger & Brewery, Durham, NC: Great. Says “Beefy burgers; cold pints inside.”

Burger 101, Houston: The graphics fun and works with the name. The angle sells it.

Burger Bar & Bistro, South Norwalk, CT: A bit goofy, but right for a place that menus “Frickles,” “Disco Fries,” lobster sliders and a ton of fun burgers.

Burger Jones, Minneapolis: From Parasole, the company that also gave us Chino Latino, Mozza Mia and others.

Burger Up, Nashville: The short-order-chef call becomes a name and a perfect graphic.

Butcher & the Burger, Chicago: The logo tells you Chef Al Sternweiler’s serious approach to beef quality.

Corey’s Catsup & Mustard Burger Bar, Manchester, CT: Who else bothers to give a shoutout to the condiments.

Fat Guy’s Burger Bar, Tulsa, OK: The ultimate in taking pride in who you are. Extra credit for two burgers!

Irma’s Burger Shack, Oklahoma City: There are lots of retro burger logos. This captures diner style and throws in a “Burger Time!”

Ketchup Burger Bar, Dallas: Sleek, sophisticated, colorful.

Local Burger, Lawrence, KS: The logo perfectly signals its commitments to freshness as well as to nonbeef burgers.

Prime Burger, Glassboro, NJ: Beef = burger. No words needed.

The Burger Philosophy, Chicago: Think with your mouth. An appropriately cerebral logo.

Toro Burger Bar, El Paso, TX: Impressive, like its Angus/chorizo Border Burger.

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  1. don’t forget about burgatory in pittsburgh!

  2. Love the logo…but there’s no burger in it!

  3. Sobelmans Pub & Grill

  4. Boomers is awesome try it it’s by sudden valley

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