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This Summer’s Worst New Burger Names

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McDonald's Angus BLAT

Yes, yes, we eat with our eyes first. But we also eat with our ears, which can make the name chosen for a new burger either catchy and appealing or jarring and off-putting. Here are two new burgers with names that make me want to ask, “What else have you got?”

Angus BLAT could be a description of a flatulent steer. Instead it is the name of the new burger on McDonald’s menu in New Zealand. “BLAT” turns out to be an acronym for “bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato,” which is innocent enough. But somehow in conjunction with Angus it sounds like a bad car horn.  

Burger King's Ringmaster Whopper

Then there’s the Ringmaster Whopper that Burger King has introduced in Canada. This is a Whopper beef patty topped with onion rings, bacon, Cheddar cheese and “our Sweet & Tangy bourbon-flavored sauce.” All well and good, but “Ringmaster” makes me think circus, the pungent smells of which I don’t want near my burger. Bourbon-flavored sauce (nonalcoholic of course) or not, I’m ordering something else.  

In other burger news notes:
Ξ Wendy’s introduced  the Monterey Ranch Crispy Chicken sandwich and Crispy Chicken Caesar Wrap, each for 99¢, on its U.S. menu this week. North of the border, however, Canadians are enjoying the new 900+ calorie Cheddar Baconator. Advantage Canada.  

McDonald's Summer Chorizo Supreme

 Ξ Sausage appears to be the next big thing in Euro burger toppings. In the UK, McDonald’s is menuing the Summer Chorizo Supreme burger. There’s sliced chorizo sausage on top of the beef patty, along with tomato sauce, lettuce and “cheese slices made with Emmental” (but not Emmental per se, apparently), all piled on a sesame and chive bun.  

Burger King, meanwhile, tries the localization tactic that has worked so well for McDonald’s. The new Portuguese Whopper on the menu there has slices of local fave chourição sausage on the beef patty, plus lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and mild garlic sauce.