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The Works Launches Rockstar Burgers

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Canadian chain The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro didn’t get the 2013 memo that multi-item promotional menus were over. Burger King and others quit doing seasonal menus then but The Works keeps launching series after series of wild burgers.

With its three-burger “Get Stuff’d” LTO menu (including the now-famous candy-filled Reece PBC burger) just concluded, The Works has launched a new “Patty Like a Rockstar” menu with seven new LTO burgers.

The Works Rockstar

Both the “lead singers” here have patty “blends.” The $16.98 (Canadian) Surf ‘N Turf burger has a shrimp & beef patty topped with house-made red onion and pineapple salsa, green onion, arugula and creamy goat-cheese spread with fried shrimp. The Hazed & Confused burger, also $16.98, begins with a bacon/beef-blend patty and tops it with red-wine caramelized onions, Swiss cheese, arugula and “Dijon-haze.”

The rest of the band:

→ Hamburger Mary ($15.71): Beef, mayo, egg, tomato, Cheddar and bacon.

→ Juicy Lucy ($14.96): A cheese-stuffed 8-oz. beef burger with lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onion and mayo.

→ Elk on a Beech ($16.98): Elk patty with avocado, Beechhouse Sauce, sun-dried tomato and feta cheese.

→ The Hipster ($14.73): Turkey patty with caramelized onion, avocado and Havarti cheese.

→ Sexy Burger ($14.81): Sweet and spicy sauce, pineapple, cream cheese and banana peppers.

A veggie patty or mushroom cap is available to the meat averse. The menu is offered through March 27.