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The Habit Tells a Secret

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Nothing builds an intimate bond like a shared secret. For years, In-N-Out Burger benefited from a “secret menu” that only aficionados knew about. Wink and ask for a “2-by-4” and you got two burger patties with four slices of cheese. A request for your burger “Animal Style” got you mustard, pickles and grilled onions. Now it has become the “Not-So-Secret Menu” and is on the chain’s website, but it’s still cool to have a private language.

The secret Santa Barbara Style burger.

Habit’s “Half & Half”

Now The Habit Burger Grill–which, like In-N-Out, is based in Irvine, Calif.—has stepped forward to claim that it, too, has had a “secret menu” that it has decided to expose. This may sound like an attempt to make a new menu introduction sound mysterious and sexy, but, no, the 57-unit chain insists that employees and customers have ordered items not on the menu for decades.

A “Santa Barbara Style” Double Char Cheese burger is one of these blown-cover former secrets. It has two beef patties, grilled onions, chopped avocado, tomato, mayo and lettuce on grilled sourdough. Avocado’s already on the menu as a $1 add-on, but now this combination is being officially promoted, so customers won’t have to remember the long name or complex build. The chain says this is one of the its most popular items “even though it’s never officially been on the menu.”

Another “secret” the chain says it is outing is the “Half & Half” side (half french fries, half onion rings). It also claims that a Caesar salad with grilled albacore tuna and teriyaki can be ordered, though it, too, is a secret. Shhh.

8 Responses to The Habit Tells a Secret

  1. Twinkle Starr Martin

    This is the bast burger and awesome onion rings on the planet….thx for the good quality too…..and the added bonus is your walking distance from my house….thx

  2. DJ

    Been going to the Habit for years – Santa Barbara, Pasadena and now Orange county.

  3. Just ordered and realized that I should of got a “Half & Half”…

  4. Jeanette

    We ordered a Santa Barbara which should be double patty and we got single patty and they say that’s the way it comes. All the pictures show adouble patty. Then they treated us like we’re stupid, took my husband into kitchen to show him how it’s made. Going to have to find a different burger place.

  5. Cody Brenner

    Same lol

  6. Pat

    Do you use grass fed beef? ( have allergy)

  7. Me, I would have asked Habit Grill instead. But the answer’s no.

  8. Jessy Ellis

    The santa Barbra style comes with two patties. If you asked for a char made like a santa Barbra style then it is one patty. And they wouldn’t allow costumers into the kitchen so I know that accusation is false :)