Wisconsin Cheese Adds Value

When you turn cheeseburgers into Wisconsin Cheeseburgers, you’re not just adding extra flavor, you’re adding the prestige of award-winning quality. Quality your customers will pay a premium for.
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The Best of Oktoberfest Burgers

Officially, May is National Burger Month, but only because someone we can’t name has so designated it declared so by White Castle in 1992. October, however, has made itself an equally important month for burgers because it’s a great way to celebrate Oktoberfest. Not surprisingly, most of the month’s burger creations are riffs (with varying degrees of authenticity) on Bavarian cuisine. Red Robin this year brought back its Oktoberfest burger (beef patty, melted Swiss cheese, beer mustard sautéed onions, Black Forest ham and green leaf lettuce on a mustard-dressed pretzel bun) and Steak ’n Shake offers a nearly identical one (with two patties).

Blue Moon Burger's Oktoberfest

Extra credit is due FlipDaddy’s Burgers & Beers in Cincinnati and Tamarack Brewing Co. in Missoula, Mont., for being among those who offer Oktoberfest burgers on their menus year-round.

But burger creativity shouldn’t go unrecognized so we offer a dozen of the most interesting Oktoberfest Burgers. There’s still time to add one to your menu. If your joint’s special is overlooked here, add a comment and sing its praises.

Blue Moon Burgers, Seattle

A freshly toasted pretzel bun spread with house-made mustard, a freshly ground bratwurst patty topped with melted Swiss cheese and a mound of house Apple-Fennel Slaw. House-made German Potato Salad on the side.

Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern, San Diego
Oktoberfest “BratBurger”

Half-pound, all-natural, Certified Angus ground sirloin topped with spicy grilled bratwurst, melted aged Swiss, grilled sauerkraut and spicy Dijon sauce

Jack’s Prime Burgers & Shakes, San Mateo, Calif.
Oktoberfest Burger ($11.95)

Seasoned Angus patty topped with Muenster cheese and smoked bratwurst on an egg bun with Pale Ale mustard-mayo and iceberg lettuce

Jimmy Famous' Oktoberfest BratBurgerSeasoned Angus patty topped with Muenster cheese and smoked bratwurst on an egg bun with Pale Ale mustard-mayo and iceberg lettuce

The Nook, St. Paul, Minn.
Brat Burger ($9.95)

Bratwurst patty topped with sauerkraut, melted Swiss, spicy brown mustard and a fried egg on a pretzel bun

Dempsey’s Burger Pub, Lawrence, Kan.
Oktoberfest Burger

House-made bratwurst patty topped with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, pickled red onion and spicy house mustard on a pretzel bun

The Counter, multiple locations nationally
179 Burger

Beef or turkey, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, red onion, pickle chips, lettuce and German mustard on a pretzel bun
WTF Burger

Beef or turkey, White Cheddar, salt & vinegar potato chips, applewood-smoked bacon, pickle chips and stone-ground mustard on Hawaiian bun

Winking Lizard Tavern, Bedford Heights, Ohio
Brat Burger

A 1/3-lb. grilled bratwurst patty topped with house-made beer cheese sauce and sauerkraut; served on a toasted pretzel roll with spicy mustard and potato pancakes

brb: Be Right Burger, Reston, Va.
Oktoberfest Burger

Beer-braised bratwurst, sauerkraut, horseradish, mustard and Swiss cheese on a toasted pretzel bun; served with house-made German potato salad

Slater’s 50/50, multiple Southern California locations
Best of the Wurst ($10.95)

Grub Burger Bar's Bratwurst Burger

100% German bratwurst patty topped with Swiss cheese, green apple and rendered bacon sauerkraut, with house-made mustard sauce on a bacon pretzel roll

Grub Burger Bar, College Station, Texas
Bratwurst Burger ($6.95)

With house-made sauerkraut and Cheddar-and-beer mustard, and a Pumpkin Pie Shake on the side

Stack’d Burger Bar, Milwaukee
The Milwaukee Boy

An onion Kaiser roll loaded with a 10-oz. mix of bratwurst and grass-fed beef simmered in Riverwest Stein beer and slathered with Muenster, sauerkraut, fried onions and coarse-grain mustard

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