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Ted’s Montana Grill Reclaims Its Burger Cred

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The Canyon Creek, with Cheddar, bacon, jalapenos, blackberry jam and fried egg.

Ted’s Montana Grill reasserts its status as an innovative burger chain with the addition of five thick new burgers, including two egg-topped builds and interesting toppings such as house-made tomato jam. As with its other burgers, the new items can be ordered with either Angus beef ($13) or bison patty ($16).

Under President-COO Kristi Nyhof, the 47-location chain has been reassessing its market positioning. The five new burgers suggest it’s refocusing on its core menu strength. Those new or updated builds are:

►Avalon: Gruyère cheese and “a hint” of blue cheese, smoky bacon, caramelized onions, roasted garlic aïoli and baby arugula on toasted onion bun. 

►Canyon Creek: Cheddar cheese, smoky bacon, diced fresh jalapeños, blackberry jam and a fried over-easy egg on corn-dusted kaiser roll. 

►Montana Breakfast: American cheese, grilled ham, house-made tomato jam and fried over-easy egg on corn-dusted kaiser roll (not entirely new but updated). 

►“New” New Mexico: Pepper-Jack cheese, roasted Anaheim chile, fresh guacamole and spicy house-made tomato jam on a corn-dusted kaiser roll (updated). 

►Peppercorn: Peppercorns, Gruyère cheese, herbed Dijon mustard and baby arugula on a toasted onion bun. 

Ξ In other news, McDonald’s has introduced a variation on the popular  CBO (chicken, bacon, onion) sandwich that it has been successfully marketing across Europe at least since 2008. The CBO Smoky, added this week in Italy, lays on a slice of smoked cheese. It’s not a big deal, but with McDonald’s saying that the Chicken Legend and Chicken Mythic sandwiches might be imported from its European menus to the U.S., the CBO undoubtedly is being considered as well.

3 Responses to Ted’s Montana Grill Reclaims Its Burger Cred

  1. Nando

    Wow, $13 for a burger? They’ve really raised the prices at TMG.

  2. aNG

    You put blueberry jam on my burger and we’re gonna fight.

  3. griff

    The Canyon creek Bison Burger, most amazing burger ever !