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Victory for Veggie Burgers

Victory for Veggie Burgers

Meatless burgers used to be menu negatives, offered to avoid the dreaded “veto vote” from a dining group’s  non-meat eaters. But meatless burgers now have become menu positives, present because more than just vegetarians order them. “We’re carnivores at heart but people are becoming more plant-forward, especially in the last two years,” says Euripedes Pelekanos, […]

The Turkey Burger is Ready for its Closeup

The Turkey Burger is Ready for its Closeup

Thanksgiving week is turkey burgers’ equivalent of birthdays: It’s when they get to be the center of attention and appreciated for a few days before they go back to being ignored. Like a lot of burger concepts, the Zinburger chain nine East Coast locations offers a special Thanksgiving Burger this week, and it looks to […]

Where Camel Sliders Aren’t the Oddest Burgers

Where Camel Sliders Aren’t the Oddest Burgers

Seth Gross offers this tip on preparing Camel Sliders: Don’t overload them with toppings like guacamole, jalapeňo or onion. Adding too many flavors masks the taste of the camel. “I think when you eat a camel burger, you want to taste the camel. You want to be able to say what camel tastes like. And […]

Lamburger Business

The September Burger of the Month at Atlanta’s Yeah! Burger is a 100% vegetarian-fed lamb burger patty topped with arugula and house-made basil mayo. No longer an “exotic” burger choice, ground lamb is becoming a mainstay on burger-specialty restaurants. If you don’t yet offer one and need an idea of how to dress it up, […]

McDonald’s Gets Serious About Lamb Burgers


[8/18 update: See the commercial for the lamb burger McDonald’s is airing in Australia here.] In line with its continuing marketing strategy that promotes local products and spotlights some of the farmers and ranchers it works with around the world, McDonald’s once again is working with the Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) organization. The result […]

McDonald’s $9.25 Big New York Debuts in Israel

As with gas, U.S. food prices are high unless you look at what the rest of the world pays. In Israel, McDonald’s has introduced two “Big America” half-pound-plus steak burgers priced at $9.25 (31.50 Israeli New Shekels), according to YnetNews.com. Want fries and a drink? The combo meal is $14.66 (49.90 Israeli New Shekels).  Ynet […]

Gone Fishing: A Dozen Burgers for Lent

Officially, Lent begins next Wednesday. But for burger-chain menus, observance already is gearing up. Culver’s tomorrow brings back its Hand-Battered Northwoods Walleye sandwich. McDonald’s has a Double Fillet-O-Fish ready to go, Burger King will revive its Big Fish sandwich and Wendy’s has its Premium Fish Fillet and Sea-Salt Fries duo. Checkers has a 2-for-$3 deal […]

News Nuggets: Ketchup, McCafé, Pete & TJ, Wraps Etc.


[10/4 Update: Read about Boston Market’s upgrades here.] Note: Email subscribers, please note that www.BurgerBusiness.com welcomes our inaugural advertiser, Red Gold Tomato Ketchup. We invite you to visit Red Gold’s site, add its fine product at your restaurant or table if you haven’t yet done so and thank Red Gold for making it possible for […]

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