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Montreal Throws a Burger Party

The inaugural Burger Week Montreal ended at midnight, September 7, when the final votes were tallied. Appropriately, the winner was a burger-specialty restaurant, Burger Bar Crescent, which received 534 votes for its Hangover Burger, a 6-oz. beef patty topped with caramelized onions, bacon, American cheese, truffle oil, fried egg and a mini poutine (fries, cheese […]

McDonald’s Extends McMini Line

McDonald’s McMini Mango. Say that three times fast. The half-chicken-fillet snack that McDonald’s introduced in Canada in March has performed well enough that the chain has added a new flavor: Zesty Mango. (I’m a sucker for “zesty,” a word that regularly appears in advertising but never in adult human discourse.) The McMini was introduced with […]

South St. Burger Co.’s Menu for Success

  The first South St. Burger Co. opened in Toronto in 2005; this week a 13th location, all in Canada, joined the fun. Although it’s one of several “better burger” concepts that have sprung up in recent years, chain President Jay Gould (right) says he believes South St.’s limited menu and emphasis on upscale toppings […]