Wisconsin Cheese Adds Value

When you turn cheeseburgers into Wisconsin Cheeseburgers, you’re not just adding extra flavor, you’re adding the prestige of award-winning quality. Quality your customers will pay a premium for.
Click HERE to visit the Wisconsin Cheese Burger page and get the recipe for the Wisconsin Gouda Garlic Burger shown below!


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Dugg Burger Moves Ahead in Reverse


Dugg Burger, which opened in February 2015 in Dallas, is a different process, not just a new brand. Reversing the standard build of piling toppings on the burger patty, Dugg Burger digs out the crown of the bun and puts chosen toppings there. Meanwhile, the burger patty finishes grilling and is topped with choice of […]

2015’s Top New Burger Joints (So Far)

At the year’s halfway point, it’s clear the burger marketplace is changing. Fewer new independent burger concepts are blossoming but what were fresh indies a few years back are rapidly morphing into regional chains.

Hickory, Plano, Texas

For example, Bru Burger in Indianapolis was a member of BurgerBusiness’s Class of 2012. Since then it […]

Wild Willy’s Burgers: The Real Right Thing


After 17 year as a McDonald’s operator, Jim Williams walked away in 2001 to do something different: open a burger joint. So began the small, proudly old-fashioned Wild Willy’s Burgers chain.

Williams left McDonald’s when platform changes meant burgers were cooked ahead of time, binned and reheated. “One day at my restaurant, I made a […]

Why Chanticleer is Buying Up Burger Brands

BGR The Burger Joint burger and shake

Chanticleer Holdings Inc. is buying burger concepts, although its entry into restaurants came in 2006 when it bought a minority interest in wing-concept Hooters of America Inc. (HOA), that brand’s parent company. In 2011 the Charlotte, N.C.-based firm exercised its right of first refusal to acquire HOA and it operates or franchises more than 400 […]

Last Week’s Most Intriguing Burgers

DøgnvilleBar & Burger, Oslo, Norway Mediterranean Burger with spicy feta, sun-ripened tomatoes, red onion and paprika coulis

The burger business is truly international as this edition of “The Most Intriguing Burgers” evidences. There are interesting burger builds and ideas available around the world. Start this week with a look at just a few of the interesting burgers that surfaced last week.

Byron, multiple UK locations: ByronissimoThe Italian-inspired special arrives at Byron […]

Burger of the Month Specials for April 2015

The April Burger of the Month specials at burger bars around the world showcase a number of trends worth noting. One is the continuing expansion of local sourcing. For the April special at The Avenue in St. Petersburg, Fla., Owner Steve Schrutt and Chef Ryan Kelly partnered with two small St. Petersburg companies to create […]

The Week’s Most Intriguing Burgers

With all the specious reporting lately that burgers are being downplayed because of high beef prices, it seemed a good time to scan the menus of burger bars for a look at a few of the most appetizing and/or audacious burgers surfacing in the past week. This edition is a global survey with burgers from […]

Burger of the Month Specials for March 2015

Wow. How many different ways can you make a corned-beef-topped burger for St. Patrick’s Day? The answer: A lot. More than a dozen burger bars are tying their March Burger of the Month specials to the upcoming everybody’s-Irish holiday.

Burgerhaus’s The Dubliner

Many of them are inventive or at […]