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Taco Bell Canada Exposes “Big Burger” Conspiracy!

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Was it a burger chain that spread the false accusation that Taco Bell’s ground beef isn’t 100% beef? I didn’t think so, but you have to wonder when you join the tongue-in-cheek fun that is “Burger Backlash” and its declaration that “Big Burger is now under the heat lamp of public scrutiny!”

Developed by Taco Bell Canada, the promotion marshals the usual social-media suspects—Twitter and Facebook—to rail against the “secret collective of burger barons” who want “a world that’s bland and boring. They want to keep the status quo and they want to silence anyone who speaks against them.”

To fight this conspiracy, Taco Bell calls for “taco-toting rebels” to rise up and refuse to buy burgers. Taco Bell has an alternative, of course: a new Chicken Enchilada Grilled Stuft Burrito. We just aren’t mentioning that those other tacos on the menu are crumbled burger. And that’s OK.

All this is an awful lot of digital-media hoopla just to bring out a new enchilada, but hey, such is marketing today. Give Taco Bell’s agency (Draftfcb, I believe)  a hand for selling the client on a clever multi-layer, multimedia idea. And we’ll watch to see if Big Burger runs ads requesting an apology.