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Smashburger Creates First Major Ad Campaign

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Adopting a marketing presence to match its national brand stature, Smashburger this month has launched a broadcast/digital ad campaign along with its new logo and tagline that all focus on its “smashing” identity.

“Smashed fresh. Served delicious” is the tagline used with the logo and in a series of 60-second radio spots. The spots introduce a recurring character/spokesman known as the Smasburger Burger Smasher. He discusses his job as a Smashburger cook and explains why smashing burgers makes them better. Smashburger  tested the radio spots in Denver, Minneapolis, Tulsa, Boise, East Texas, Omaha and Des Moines.  They are currently running in New Jersey and Atlanta. The chain plans to air them in Denver, Houston and Boise later this year.

The tagline also goes onto employee t-shirts, takeout packaging and table tents. Social media and a microsite will carry the Smashburger Burger Smasher story. The chain works with Denver agency Cactus as well as local-market shops.

In material promoting franchisee buy-in, Smashburger says it has national brand awareness of 8%. It hopes, via the campaign, to increase that to 25% within two years.

“Smashing is our point of difference versus the competition. So we’re creating a campaign that educates and entertains consumers with a focus on smashing,” the chain says in material promoting the campaign to franchisees.

Smashburger is one of the fastest-growing “better burger” concepts, opening 160 stores since the first in 2007. Its sales in 2011 were $118.7 million, up 72% from $69 million in 2010. The chain opened 51 units last year and it says 507 additional locations are in the works. Its first two Canadian stores opened earlier this year in Calgary.