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Size Matters: BK Takes On McD’s Double Cheeseburger

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bkdoubleWhile Carl’s Jr. is kicking the Big Mac for being puny and over-priced, McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger is the target of new “mine’s bigger than yours” trash talk from Burger King.

Burger King failed last month to convince all of its franchisees to endorse a limited-time $1 Double Cheeseburger promotion. However, in selected markets—including Chicago and Atlanta—Burger King has put the Double Cheeseburger (at right) on its dollar menu, joining the $1 Whopper Jr. and $1 Crispy Chicken sandwich. Radio spots airing in Chicago feature teens laughing that Burger King’s Double Cheeseburger “totally dwarfs” McDonald’s budget-priced double-patty burger and concluding that the BK version “makes everything else look tiny.”

Burger King reportedly wanted all its U.S. operators to drop the Double Cheeseburger price to $1 this month, but cutting the price for the popular burger in half (or more) didn’t sit well with many franchisees, who need to maintain profit margins and not just increase customer traffic. The chain said it is mailing coupons for discounted food—including Double Cheeseburgers—to as many as 80 million households nationwide in August and September.

Wendy’s also has new ammunition with which to battle McDonald’s. Continuing its love affair with bacon, Wendy’s in several markets has added a Jr. Bacon Swiss Burger to its Super Value Menu. Priced in most test markets at $1.29, this is a downsized version of a burger that was on Wendy’s menu a few years ago.

2 Responses to Size Matters: BK Takes On McD’s Double Cheeseburger

  1. Emily

    That photo is very unappealing. The whole thing is very Photoshopped-looking and the top bun is about 20% smaller than it should be, which kinda makes it look like the burger got stepped on. I wonder if that was done intentionally to make the burgers themselves look bigger?

  2. admin

    It DOES look Photoshopped, doesn’t it?