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Seattle’s Top 20 Burger Spots

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The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, with a little help from Seattle magazine (which earlier picked its Top 25), selects the Emerald City’s Top 20 Burgers. Where specific burgers were mentioned, they are included below. In some cases, no specialty burger was mentioned, so a tasty-sounding choice was added.

Zippy's King Lu-Lu

Check the menus; surely there’s an idea begging to be borrowed.

Blue Moon Burgers, Code Blue (two Beef patties, 4 slices of bacon, 2 slices of Cheddar, peanut butter, sweet red onion, Blue Moon sauce on Brioche)

Burgermaster, Burgermaster

Dick’s, Deluxe Burger ($2.70)

Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Cheeseburger

Katsu Burger, Katsu Burger

Kidd Valley, Double Cheeseburger ($5.30)

Local 360, Butcher’s Grind House Burger ($12)

Lunchbox Laboratory, Dork (duck-pork patty, $14.99)

Lunchbox Laboratory

Ma’Ono Fried Chicken & Whiskey, Spring Hill Burger ($19)

Palace Kitchen, Palace Burger Royale ($15)

Quinn’s Pub, Painted Hills Beef Burger ($14)

Red Mill Burgers, Double Bacon with Cheese

Scooter’s Burgers, Double Cheeseburger ($4.64)

Skillet Diner, Basic ($14)

Spur Gastropub, Grass-Fed Beef Burger ($15)

The Swinery, Swinery BLT with pork belly ($8)

Blue Moon Burgers

Tavern Law, Natural Beef Burger ($15)

The Two Bells Bar & Grill, Tavern Burger ($10.95)

Uneeda Burger, The ¼-Lb. Classic ($4)

Zippy’s Giant Burger, King Lu-Lu (4 beef patties, 8 slices of bacon, 4 slices of cheese, grilled onions, chipotle mayo, lettuce and tomato, topped with a L’il Zip burger, $14.25)

Ma'Ono Chicken & Whisky