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Red Robin Unveils its Premium Burger Line

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Red Robin Gourmet Burgers pushes ahead with its ongoing brand transformation this week with the systemwide introduction of the first of the premium-price burgers the chain has been testing for the past year.

RED ROBIN GOURMET BURGERS, INC. SMOKE & PEPPER SIGNATURE BURGERRed Robin is calling these new burgers its Finest line. The first to move onto the menu is the Finest Smoke & Pepper Signature Burger. Like all the premium burgers the chain has tested, this begins with a half-pound Black Angus beef patty that it seasons with alderwood-smoked sea salt. Toppings are black-peppered bacon, extra sharp Cheddar and new house-made Smoke & Pepper ketchup. A buttered, toasted ciabatta bun completes the build.

The chain had told in June that it was testing Black Angus beef and a variety of house-made sauces and aïolis. It said then that the premium burgers would be menu priced from $12.99 to $14.29. Most burgers on its standard menu are priced from about $9 to $10.50. The new Finest Smoke & Pepper Burger is priced at $13.49 (served with Red Robin’s signature Bottomless Steak Fries).

The inspiration for the Smoke & Pepper burger was Chef Laurent Tourondel’s Smashed Smoke Burger that won the Red Robin-sponsored Best of the Bash Award at this year’s South Beach Wine & Food Festival Burger Bash. Tourondel’s burger was topped with black-peppered bacon, New York State Cheddar, Spanish onion and sweet ketchup.

The Finest line of premium burgers provides a counter to the low-end, $6.99 Tavern Double introduced last year. “What we really have now is with the advent of the finest burger and the first one, which is sneaking this week and launching next week fully, is a range of opportunities, from Tavern Double through our gourmet burgers to our Finest line to work a range of pricing and opportunity,” Red Robin SVP-CMO said at last week’s Q3 earnings call with analysts. “I think it’s going to give us a lot more flexibility, and we have some very distinctive and differentiated propositions to deliver to the guest.”

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  1. Bob Lohr

    I have purchased a Golf Club with some investers. Have 40 years in retail (Hallmark Cards) Operations, having Total responsibilty in Site location, Leasing, Merchandising and Personnel. I have extensive experience with P&L.

    But, I do not know how to operate a in house Grille business. Are there any standards for Cost of Hamburger/Buns and Condiments? What should the average food cost be in an average profitable operation? Our grille Food cost is high I M told, but not sure what to compare to. I want the Grille to Specialize in something and I have decided it will be Burgers, giving 6-8 different burger combinations, with Home made potatoe Chips…

    Anything you can direct me to, learn what are average costs of Operations in Food Cost, waste, payroll and supplies? If there are not amything out there to help me, thank you anyway.

    Now that I have found you, I will be devouring (Pun) your articles….

    Have a great day…..