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Red Robin Likes Brown-Sugar-Bacon BBQ Burger

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RedRobin_BrownBBQ2This is the Bubblin’ Brown Sugar Bar-B-Que Burger. The build is brown-sugar bacon, Heinz Honey Barbecue Sauce, sharp Cheddar and grilled red onion. The burger itself or perhaps a topping “Style” based on it for the chain’s Tavern burgers could join the Red Robin Gourmet Burgers menu as an LTO in the future.

The creator of the Bubblin’ Brown Sugar Bar-B-Que Burger is Derrick Deal, a senior at Florida International University’s (FIU) Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management and it earned him first place in Red Robin’s annual Golden Robin Contest. In addition to earning consideration for a menu slot on the chain’s menu, Deal received a $10,000 scholarship and the opportunity serve his creation during the Burger Bash on Feb. 21 at the 8th Annual Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

His burger, along with those of other chef participants, will compete for the Best of the Bash Award given by Red Robin. Last year’s winner was the Smashed Smoke Burger created by Chef Laurent Tourondel of LT Burger. That burger was the inspiration for the Smoke & Pepper Burger—the first of its Finest line of premium-tier burgers—that is on Red Robin’s menu nationally. This year’s Best of the Bash winner will join the Finest lineup later this year.

For the Golden Robin Contest—a partnership of Red Robin, Food Network and FIU—culinary students were asked to submit recipes for tavern-style burgers. Red Robin features a Red’s Tavern Double and larger Red’s Big Tavern Burger on its menu. Its Tavern burgers can be ordered in a variety of Styles, which are topping bundles. Deal’s was judged the best of 140 burgers submitted.

3 Responses to Red Robin Likes Brown-Sugar-Bacon BBQ Burger

  1. jeff berlind

    just what we need…a two patty cheese burger WITH SUGAR!!!
    does it come with a free new larger belt?

  2. linda

    sounds wonderful

  3. monica

    just came from Red Robin. I had the brown sugar burger. It was AWESOME:)