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Ready for Chicken McRib?

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McD_ChickenMcRibDoubleIf you thought McDonald’s broke the mold when it created the McRib, think again. In Malaysia, McDonald’s has introduced the Chicken McRib sandwich, and there’s no reason why this idea couldn’t be imported to the U.S.

This isn’t simply a standard chicken sandwich bearing the McRib name. This is a chicken patty molded like the original McRib to give the illusion of bones. The chicken patty is topped with sweet-and-tangy barbecue sauce, pickles and onions and served on a cornmeal bun in true McRib style.

The Chicken McRib patty is shaped to give the illusion of bones, just like the original.

The Chicken McRib patty is shaped to give the illusion of bones, just like the original.

Backed by TV advertising, Chicken McRib is priced at 9.95MYR or $2.99 for a single, with a double-patty version also available. If McDonald’s could sell the Chicken McRib in the U.S. at or near the $2.99 price point, it would be an ideal fit with its current plans.

Chicken McRib is the latest indication of McDonald’s willingness to re-imagine its core menu items. Launching Chicken McBites as a flanker to Chicken McNuggets in the U.S. and elsewhere was an example of how to update a classic. Allowing Austrian stores to sell a McRibster sandwich with a deep-fried pork patty was another. The recent additions of two new versions of its Egg McMuffin—the Egg White Delight McMuffin and Steak, Egg & Cheese McMuffin—are further indications, as is this summer’s creation of at least four new Quarter Pounder styles. Creation of an Angus Big Mac in Australia last month is still another example of the chain’s newfound willingness to try something new with the old standards.

3 Responses to Ready for Chicken McRib?

  1. Roger C.

    Probably has something to do with Muslims not being able to eat pork. Doubtful it ever comes here.

  2. True. But Muslims are hardly the only chicken lovers. I’d say doubtful we WON’T see it here.

  3. Agree with admin, MCD will continue to expand the chicken segment of the menu.