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QSR Pricing Gone Wild: Is $2.99 Already the New $5?

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jackscastle_coupon[UPDATES: Sonic has added a $2.99 burger and shake combo; Fatburger has priced its Baby Fat  burger at $2.99]
Not quite, but $5 now is more often the ceiling than the middle. Quick-service restaurants’ pre-recession 3-tier pricing model of “budget/everyday-value/premium price” is in danger of being rewritten as “free/$2.99/$5.”

July closes with White Castle promoting a $2.99 Craver Saver special. That’s two Chicken Ring Sliders, two BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders or 3 Original Sliders, each with small fries and small drink. And White Castle brings in “free” with an online coupon to upgrade fries and drink size, still at $2.99 (White Castle’s pricier special is 10 Sliders for $4.88).  Where are those furniture pitchmen who screamed about crazy deals when we need them?

boxWhite Castle joins many other $2.99 discounters:
Jack in the Box’s $2.99 Big Deal meal (taco, cheeseburger, small fries, small drink).

● Southern burger chain Jack’s has introduced a Swiss Mushroom Burger (shown at right) with fries for $2.99.

Steak ‘n Shake’s Steakburger Snack Pack goes even lower to $2.89 for a Steakburger and small fries and drink.

Quiznos goes up a penny for its new $3 Toasty Bullet sub.

● Burger chains aren’t alone at the “How low can we go?” party. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen just added 8-piece Buffalo Nuggets (not very Cajun, is it?) for $2.99, while upscale bakery-cafe chain Corner Bakery has priced its new Morning Rush breakfast combo (coffee plus a freshly baked muffin or bagel) at $2.99, which is about half the price of its mainline entrées.

Can QSRs go even lower in August if the economy remains sluggish?