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‘Proud Whopper’ Defines Burger King’s ‘Be Your Way’

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Burger King Corp. steps up and boldly defines its new “Be Your Way” tagline in an unexpected way on July 2 when it releases a short film in support of equality.BK_ProudWhopper2

During the 44th Annual San Francisco Pride Parade on Sunday, June 29, the Burger King at 1200 Market Street on the parade route offered a special “Proud Whopper” wrapped in the rainbow colors of the gay-rights movement. Inside, diners found a regular Whopper burger with the message “We are all the same inside” inscribed on the wrapper’s interior.

The short film made in and around the Market Street store captures the reactions of some who ordered a Proud Whopper as well as some who didn’t. One man says, “If that’s what they’re going to do, they won’t be having my business anymore.” But others clearly are moved by Burger King’s stand.

In an interview with, Burger King SVP-Global Brand Management Fernando Machado acknowledged that some BK customers might not like the Proud Whopper initiative. “But I am more excited that we are making this statement in support of self-expression,” he said. “I would like to believe we are uniting people behind this message that I hope all can support.

“This is exactly what ‘Be Your Way’ means,” Machado added. “When we first introduced it, I said that it expressed how Burger King welcomes everyone to our stores. [The Proud Whopper] elevates that message and makes it more meaningful, I believe.”

BK_Proud Whopper1The initiative resulted from San Francisco operators’ “desire to be part of an important local event, as we are everywhere,” said Machado. The Proud Whopper was locally relevant “but we wanted to go beyond that, beyond just one city, to create a film that can be for everyone,” he said. The chain will be looking for additional  ways to “embody the spirit of the ‘Be Your Way’ attitude,” he said.

The Proud Whopper sandwich will continue to be sold at the Market Street unit at $4.29 through July 3. All proceeds from the sandwich sales will go to the chain’s Burger King McLamore Foundation (named for founder Jim McLamore), designated for scholarships benefiting LGBT college-bound high school seniors graduating in spring 2015.

The Proud Whopper film can be seen at beginning July 2. David, named Burger King’s global ad agency in April, created the film.

10 Responses to ‘Proud Whopper’ Defines Burger King’s ‘Be Your Way’

  1. L allen

    I for one and my immediate family will no longer be ordering food from any burger king. It is a very sad day when you go from a business to a political machine for a special interest group. You suck and you do know what whopper means correct? BIG LIE.

  2. MP

    Why doesn’t Burger King concentrate on improving their core products instead? Yeah we know what’s inside the Whopper & it’s crummy. Enough of this “It’s all about me” generation.

  3. JA

    This is a sad day that one of my favorite fast food places would reject me and my values for a small minority . I guess they don’t want my family or friends business any more. So Long burger king can’t wait to see you in bankruptcy court. I hope you can make a profit when you rely on that 10% of americans you just scraped the rest of us for.

  4. BAJ

    I say good riddance. BK is better without the three of you and your bigoted families. ^^

  5. J roy

    Quote from a friend: “what do hamburgers have to do with sexuality?”

  6. Albert Schrock

    I for one will never set foot in a Burger King again, there plenty other places spend my money that don’t rub my face in the gay agenda.

  7. All Burger King said was, “Everyone’s welcome.” If you find that threatening, that’s sad. My church says everyone’s welcome. I assume they mean it, too.

  8. Mark

    Wow. Really happy to see I enjoy Burger King without having the bigotry of the above four in the same space as me. I’m as anti-liberal as can get and a staunch conservative, but don’t discriminate against others. Excellent marketing tactic in that sense too – keeps the bigots like L allen, JA, BAJ and Albert out.

  9. BAJ

    Feel free to read my comment again. BK won’t be keeping me out as long as I can order a Proud Whopper. <3

  10. Why doesn’t BK have a traditional marriage burger? Why can’t American’s celebrate traditional Biblical values and be accepted the same way we’re expected to rally behind this proud burger.