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Potatoes, Pastrami Top New McDonald’s Burgers

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Big America” burgers proved to be big business for McDonald’s/Japan in 2010, so it’s not surprising that the chain has the big idea to do it all again.

Big America 2 continues the idea of saluting American locales. The original Big America promo, launched in December 2009, featured Texas, New York California and Hawaii burgers. This time around it will offer Idaho, Manhattan, Texaas and Miami burgers, but the burgers are more creative this year.

Consider the Idaho burger, which is topped with “potato hash” along with cheese, grainy mustard sauce and peppered bacon on a rich onion bun. How good is it? McDonald’s/Japan’s website promises we can “feel the blessings of the Earth’s products” (at least according to my pal Google Translate). We know McDonald’s loves New York City, so the city is back as the Manhattan burger. It’s topped with pastrami and—no lie—mozzarella along with lettuce and onion, making for a “light and modern sophistication.” Mmm.

Texas is back for Round 2, once again separating the bacon and onions from the beef by a Big Mac-style middle bun. This year’s Miami burger has a “moderately spicy tomato chili sauce,” cheese and taco chips. I know: Tacos? Miami? I can’t explain it.

McDonald’s Holdings Co. (Japan) Ltd. recently said it expects to announce record sales for 2010 due to the success of the original Big America promotion and the “iCon Chicken” menu it added in September. The Japanese subsidiary revised projected 2010 sales to ¥322 billion (US$3.9 billion), up 2.8% from its projection in February.

McDonald’s recently began a six-month test of home delivery in Japan.

2 Responses to Potatoes, Pastrami Top New McDonald’s Burgers

  1. Zachary Jacob Zblewski

    The Idaho burger definitely has a good old McDonald’s hash brown patty on it, and NOT French fries. Look at the photos again.

  2. admin

    Thanks! I think you’re correct.