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Pittsburgh’s Burgatory Is 2013 Burger Brackets Champion

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Burgatory came into the 2013 A.1. Burger Brackets an unproven competitor, but after more than 16,000 votes had been cast through six grueling rounds, the Pittsburgh burger bar with two locations but legions of loyal fans was the last brand standing and the 2013 Champion.

It bested Ted’s Montana Grill, a brand that had been to the final showdown last year and that knew how to keep supporters motivated and voting through all six rounds. Despite Ted’s ability to get out the vote, however, it came up short. But it proved once more that it has hordes of customers who love it and who are willing to show that love in the form of votes.

Burgatory skillfully used its more than 10,500 Facebook likes and more than 3,800 Twitter followers to get out the word. The Pittsburgh Penguins tweeted their fans and urged them to vote for the burger joint that operates a highly successful burger-and-shakes stand in their home arena. Even the owners of that arena sought to rustle up votes via Twitter. And one local supporter created a blog dedicated to getting Burgatory the Brackets win.

We hope to write more later this week about how Burgatory used social and traditional media to win and what this brand’s plans are for the future.

We thank A.1. Steak Sauce for its sponsorship of this year’s Burger Brackets competition. We are proud to have the A.1. name on the trophy.

Congratulations to Burgatory co-owners Herky Pollock, Mike Hanley and Jerry Dilembo as well as Burgatory crewmembers and customers. You were relentless. And remarkable.

2 Responses to Pittsburgh’s Burgatory Is 2013 Burger Brackets Champion

  1. linda eaves

    Congratulations! Great work using socical media to round up your hungry followers. AND using the Pittsburgh Penguins was…the ICEing! But not as outstanding as your burgers, shakes and service. Keep it going.

  2. Miller

    Great job – especially to Brad for giving his all in the kitchen.