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BurgerBusiness Is Closed; Thanks for Coming

Turn off the grill. The final post has been added to BurgerBusiness, which now suspends publication (the Killer Burger Recipes page remains active). It’s time. I always will be proud of the site I created in February 2009, and proud of the readers and advertisers it has attracted since then.

Burger of the Month Specials: Dec. 2016

Burger of the Month Specials: Dec. 2016 Last month, I was ready for Thanksgiving-themed burgers, although there were many more than I expected. But for December, I anticipated a return to wildly non-thematic burger specials because we don’t do “Christmas burgers,” do we?…

Can Tech Solve Restaurants’ Slump?

Can Tech Solve Restaurants’ Slump? Market Force Information has released its annual study of casual-dining brands, based on input from more than 9,216 consumers. There’s a lot of interesting data—including the naming of Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen as these consumers’ favorite—and while…

Inside McDonald’s All Day Breakfast 2.0

Inside McDonald’s All Day Breakfast 2.0 McDonald’s Corp. today launches the second phase of its All Day Breakfast initiative, called ADB 2.0. Consumers now will be able to order the whole breakfast menu—muffin, biscuit and McGriddle sandwiches—all day, although the entire McDonald’s…

Intriguing Burgers: Black Friday Edition

Intriguing Burgers: Black Friday Edition Going out Black Friday shopping? Don’t you wish you could score one of these fabulous burgers? Everyone on your list wishes you could, too. Be careful out there.   Baptiste & Bottle, Chicago Executive Chef James…

2017’s Burger Trends, As Seen in 2016

2017’s Burger Trends, As Seen in 2016 Guessing the upcoming year’s trends is an odd game. We usually get either the ridiculous (one seer expects we’ll all be eating chocolate cake for breakfast) or the obvious (watch for sriracha to be big). But…

McDonald’s Testing a Sriracha Big Mac

McDonald’s is announcing today that it has begun testing a Sriracha Big Mac burger in the Columbus, Ohio, market, the same location for the earlier test of the Mac Jr. And Grand Mac that it will introduce nationally in early 2017. In addition to having exclusive access to a Sriracha

The Week’s Most Intriguing Burgers 11/11


Don’t know about you, but I’m ending this week with a burger, and here 10 intriguing builds from burger bars around the world. From quail eggs and fig-and-bacon relish to Doritos, pimento cheese and a holiday burger, this is more than a week’s worth of fun. Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar,

Four Quarterly Reports & Two Mergers

◊ Shake Shack is doing so well it can tell competitors what its next pitch will be and dare them to hit it.◊ CEO Randy Garutti told analysts (and everyone listening in) Shake Shack will deliver a double promotion in Q1 of 2017: a new BBQ ShackMeister burger and a BBQ

McCafé Is No. 3 Coffee-Shop Brand

While eyes recently have been on its all-day breakfast and Big Mac, McDonald’s Corp. has been solidifying its position as a major coffee-shop operator. New data from researcher Euromonitor show that McDonald’s 5,044 McCafé shops represent the third-largest coffee-shop brand globally. These are separate McCafé operations, popular in Europe and

New Cheeseburgers: Upscale & Classic

It’s here! The election? Well, yes, that, too. But less nerve-wracking is the annual conversion of the winner of this year’s Best of the Bash Award into Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Beers’ latest upscale Finest burger. The new Billion Dollar Baby burger is inspired by The Jacques Burger, created

Boston Burger Co. Taking on Blue Apron

Boston Burger Company has seen the future. And it’s going there. The three-unit (Boston, Cambridge and Somerville, Mass.) full-service burger concept has launched BurgaBox, a burger version of food-kit delivery services. As with Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Amazon Fresh, Plated, Chef’d, Munchery and other services, BurgaBox delivers raw ingredients and

McDonald’s Uncreates ‘Create Your Taste’

Operational simplicity has prevailed over customization. McDonald’s said it has ended its “Create Your Taste” customization platform in the U.S. in favor of the simpler “Signature Crafted Recipes” platform that it began testing in San Diego in February. The story was first reported by Business Insider. The “Create Your Taste”