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The Best of Halloween Burgers

Ground Burger Halloween

No one does Halloween like Americans, but we don’t seem to have the hang of great Halloween burgers. Burger King did a black Halloween burger here last year but this year, nothing. Its Singapore operation, however, has a wild Zom-B burger. The Local Burger Co. in Melbourne, Australia, has a

Burger of the Month Specials: Oct. 2016

Burger of the Month Specials: Oct. 2016 The annual bratwurst invasion is on with the rollout of Oc(k)toberfest burgers. Then there are those burger joints whose eyes already are on the end of the month. Their October Burger of the Month specials have…

U.S. Restaurant Count Continues Slide

U.S. Restaurant Count Continues Slide The total number of U.S. restaurants continues to decline because of continuing losses of independent locations. But independent burger-menu quick-service shops are accounting for very little of that decline. The Spring 2016 census from The NPD…

Inside McDonald’s All Day Breakfast 2.0

Inside McDonald’s All Day Breakfast 2.0 McDonald’s Corp. today launches the second phase of its All Day Breakfast initiative, called ADB 2.0. Consumers now will be able to order the whole breakfast menu—muffin, biscuit and McGriddle sandwiches—all day, although the entire McDonald’s…

The Week’s Most Intriguing Burgers 10/14

The Week’s Most Intriguing Burgers 10/14 Can you find a list of burgers on menus recently that better displays the diversity of contemporary burgers? It was intentional, but the variety of ingredients used here is remarkable. For proteins, there are Andouille/beef, chicken,…

Burger Chains Keeping Prices in Check

Burger Chains Keeping Prices in Check Burger King may have raised some eyebrows with the steep $5.99 price for the Bacon King burger it introduced yesterday. Is this a sign of escalating burger prices? Actually, it really isn’t. Although $5.99 is a…

Sonic Squares its Shakes

Sonic feature

Burger concepts are showing up in the most unexpected places. McDonald’s has become a fixture (and sponsor) at the SXSW Interactive Media gathering in Austin, Texas. Now Sonic Drive-In is preparing something special for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, Calif. (April 15-17 & 22-24). On April

Burger of the Month Specials: April ’16

Burger Lounge's Lamb Burger

I’m not certain March went out like a lion (does the Angriest Whopper count?), but April definitely has come in like a lamb (burger). They’re everywhere on this month’s list of 60+ specials, and they look great. Instead of bowing to tradition and going Greek, the Burger Lounge chain is

Fool’s Gold

BK_ChickenFries Shake.April1

I’m starting this week where the last left off, with a quick roundup of the best April Fool’s Day gags. These always succeed best when they’re just possible, when if only a small part of you is taken in. That so many were about menu products or services shows how

Chipotle Tests New Beverage Options

Chipotle Mexican Grill Margarita

While news outlets trip over each other writing exactly the same “Chipotle might open a better-burger restaurant!!” article, they’re missing some interesting things Chipotle IS doing; things that should interest burger-bar operators. As it reexamines its food menu in the wake of the health issues, Chipotle is testing some new

Holiday Inn Emerges as Burger Player

Burger Theory Farm Fresh Burger

Several elements are notable about the burger bar called Burger Theory that opened this month in Phoenix. One is that the restaurant is not just part of a new Holiday Inn complex; the concept is owned by Holiday Inn, a unit of InterContinental Hotels Group. And perhaps because it is

Burgers’ Lenten Hibernation is Over

Red Robin Ramen Burger

Put away those noxious cod sandwiches, burgers and bacon and fun are back. It started with the red-bun Angriest Whopper at Burger King, the Buttery Steak Burger and Steakzilla! at Checkers/Rally’s and the return of the Jalapeňo Fresco Spicy Chicken at Wendy’s, all of which were reported here yesterday. Add

Burger King Trying Red-Bun Whopper

BK_Angriest Whopper

Burger King tomorrow unveils the Angriest Whopper burger, distinguished by a bright red bun. The LTO burger is topped with thick-cut bacon, American cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, crispy onion petals, jalapeños, mayo and spicy Angry Sauce. The Angriest Whopper is priced at $5.49 alone or $7.49 in a drink/side combo.