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BurgerBusiness Is Closed; Thanks for Coming

Turn off the grill. The final post has been added to BurgerBusiness, which now suspends publication (the Killer Burger Recipes page remains active). It’s time. I always will be proud of the site I created in February 2009, and proud of the readers and advertisers it has attracted since then.

Burger of the Month Specials: Dec. 2016

Burger of the Month Specials: Dec. 2016 Last month, I was ready for Thanksgiving-themed burgers, although there were many more than I expected. But for December, I anticipated a return to wildly non-thematic burger specials because we don’t do “Christmas burgers,” do we?…

Can Tech Solve Restaurants’ Slump?

Can Tech Solve Restaurants’ Slump? Market Force Information has released its annual study of casual-dining brands, based on input from more than 9,216 consumers. There’s a lot of interesting data—including the naming of Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen as these consumers’ favorite—and while…

Inside McDonald’s All Day Breakfast 2.0

Inside McDonald’s All Day Breakfast 2.0 McDonald’s Corp. today launches the second phase of its All Day Breakfast initiative, called ADB 2.0. Consumers now will be able to order the whole breakfast menu—muffin, biscuit and McGriddle sandwiches—all day, although the entire McDonald’s…

Intriguing Burgers: Black Friday Edition

Intriguing Burgers: Black Friday Edition Going out Black Friday shopping? Don’t you wish you could score one of these fabulous burgers? Everyone on your list wishes you could, too. Be careful out there.   Baptiste & Bottle, Chicago Executive Chef James…

2017’s Burger Trends, As Seen in 2016

2017’s Burger Trends, As Seen in 2016 Guessing the upcoming year’s trends is an odd game. We usually get either the ridiculous (one seer expects we’ll all be eating chocolate cake for breakfast) or the obvious (watch for sriracha to be big). But…

NPD: Breakfast Occasions Still Growing

Breakfast remains the industry’s growth game, The NPD Group reports. Total breakfast occasions, at and away from home, are forecast to grow by 5% through 2019, while the U.S. population is expected to increase by just 4%. Annual morning snack occasions per person, at and away from home, have increased

Exclusive: National/Local McPick 2 Coming

McDonald’s next week will revamp its McPick 2 value platform with a mix of national and local offers, has learned. The national portion of the new McPick 2 for $5 promotion launching May 24 gives consumers their choice from among three core McDonald’s items: the Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish and

Customer Loss Cripples Red Robin Q1

Red Robin Ramen Burger

The new advertising agency handling Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews has its work cut out. The burger chain says it has selected that agency, succeeding Vitro, but wouldn’t share the name during today’s Q1 earnings call. Instead, Red Robin CEO Steve Carley and President Denny Marie Post, outlined the

The Burgers are Texas Big at Nicky D’s

Nicky D's Crowley

Independent burger joints are the soul of this business. If they’re run like Nicky D’s in Crowley, Texas, they’re its heart as well. During National Burger Month it’s important that some attention be paid to that heart and soul. Originally, Nicky D’s was in Chicago, where both Nick and Tammy

Harvey’s Revamps Beverages Menu

Canadian burger chain Harvey’s today addresses the one gap in its reputation for invention and variety by launching a new frozen-beverages menu and summer-long value offer across all beverages. The “Summer Drink Deals” initiative introduces smoothies, slushies, frozen lemonades and iced cappuccinos in a variety of flavors and at 99¢

McDonald’s Puts Fresh Beef to the Test

In his April 22, 2016, Q1 earnings call with analysts, McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook proclaimed the chain’s dedication to “innovating to address customers’ changing demands.” Some innovations are small, such as buttering English Muffin halves. And some changes are big. Very big. In 14 stores in the Dallas/Fort Worth market–according

The Week’s Most Intriguing Burgers 5/13

Bread Meats Burger

Soft-shell-crab, baba ganoush, dolphin, braised beef tongue, pecan pesto, tostones, maple-soaked bacon and lots of arugula are among the ingredients used with this latest installment of Most Intriguing Burgers of the Week. I’ll let you know when the burger business has run out of ideas, but it won’t be soon.