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Padma Lakshmi’s Beauty Secret? Hardee’s Thickburgers

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Padma (credit: Doria Anselmo/People)

Padma (credit: Doria Anselmo/People)

Score another point for proletarian culinary culture. First “Top Chef” judge/restaurateur Tom Colicchio shills for Diet Coke in a Super Bowl commercial. Now co-judge Padma Lakshmi will be seen in a new TV spot for Hardee’s Bacon Western Thickburger.

Lakshmi tells People magazine that she grew up a vegetarian in India but claims her carnivorous tastes began with bologna, moved to pepperoni before, bam, she was a burger junkie.

“I work out all the time! I don’t just sit around and eat burgers whenever I want. Oh, if I could I probably would, but I don’t,” says the 37-year-old Lakshmi.thick

Separately, Hardee’s today begins airing 16 consumer-created TV spots for its Little Thickburgers (“little” in Hardee’s parlance meaning only a quarter-pound) in Midwest and Southeast markets. Since inviting submissions in September 2008, the chain says nearly 30,000 people have submitted videos that spotlight the size difference between Little Thickburgers and the regular, third-pound burger.

The Little Thickburger commercials are on view on Hardee’s You Tube channel. Mendelsohn/Zien in Los Angeles handles advertising for Hardee’s and sibling chain Carl’s Jr.

4 Responses to Padma Lakshmi’s Beauty Secret? Hardee’s Thickburgers

  1. MEP

    What wonderful news! Now I like Padma a lot more. I’m going to forward this link to every vegetarian I know. But I won’t gloat.

  2. Kate

    Maybe Padma will start a beauty regimen that requires one burger meal every 3 days or so?

  3. Emily

    I just wish Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. would make a commercial showing how/when women REALLY eat burgers–because we do eat them–at home, in our pajamas, hung-over and watching reality TV. Not washing a car in a bikini or chilling on our stoops in cocktail dresses. Now that would make me want this burger!

  4. Reply to emily. I hear you but that was not the point of the commercial IMHO. Hardees wishes to make their burger a sexual object. Thus, Padma slobbering all over it while in a swanky dress.