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Outlaws, Bagel Burgers and Big Double Beef

Jack in the Box's Outlaws

Happy October. Sometime this week, probably early on Wednesday, BurgerBusiness.com will get its one-millionth page view. Perhaps it will be from you. Thanks for that. A million views is an achievement for a chatty little B2B blog about the business of selling burgers. Know that your visits have been appreciated. You’re all welcome to return any time.
   Now, here’s what we’re seeing: 

◙ Why read BurgerBusiness.com? Exclusive market intelligence. Last week we reported that Jack in the Box was readying a new cheeseburger. It was. The new Outlaw Burger is in JitB stores as an LTO as of today. And it has brought a flanker with it: the Outlaw Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Both are topped with a bourbon barbecue sauce, lettuce, tomato, hickory-smoked bacon, American cheese and onion rings and are served on sesame-seed buns. 

Bagel burgers are coming to McDonald's in France.

That the Outlaw sandwich can be either beef or chicken is reminiscent of an earlier BurgerBusiness.com exclusive: the Zesty BBQ Cruncher sandwich—available with beef or chicken patty—that McDonald’s market-tested this summer. There’s a trend building here.

◙ French blog Fast and Food reports that McDonald’s will launch a new line of burgers on bagels there beginning Nov. 16, 2011. The line reportedly will include a Bacon Bagel Burger, Cheese Bagel Burger and Pepper Bagel Burger. McDonald’s offered the American & Bacon burger on a bagel in France a year ago.

France has become McDonald’s most adventuresome burger market. Recall that it has added burgers topped with goat cheese or blue cheese as well as burgers on focaccia and pita bread.  

◙ McDonald’s has several burger brand-names that it markets globally: Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, 1955, NYCrispy. The M, McFeast and the Big ‘n Tasty are among them. In Sweden now, McDonald’s is offering a new burger with a catchy name that just might catch on elsewhere. The Big Double Beef is like a double Quarter Pounder with cheese, with steak sauce.

◙  So what are McDonald’s best-ever sandwiches? In Germany and Luxembourg , the chain is offering a “Best of McDonald’s” menu promotion. Featured are the upscale Le M/Der M burger, its bacon-topped version and the Chicken Mythic. None of these sandwiches has made it to the U.S. menu yet. Don’t we deserve the best?

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