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On McDonald’s Global Burger Menus, It’s Cheese Season

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mcd_cheeseseasonIt may feel like mid-winter, but at McDonald’s it’s Cheese Season. That’s the theme “Syrová Sezóna”)of a menu in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, but across Europe the chain is rolling out new cheeseburgers. In the Syrová Sezóna markets the cheesy LTOs are the Swiss King and Grand Emmental burgers. No translation is necessary to figure out the featured cheeses there.mcd_premio 

The same is true in France where McDonald’s continues its succession of upscale burgers by cycling out the Savoury and bringing in the new Premio Au Parmesan. Once again the foundation is a classy bakery roll, this time topped with a beef patty and shaved Parmesan. Then, of course, there’s the famous and controversial McItaly burger with its Asiago cheese. In Austria and Croatia, the newsmaker is the Big Rösti or Bacon Rösti burgers, both topped with Emmental cheese.

McDonald’s last month credited some of its sales success in Europe to the popularity of its snack-size foods. In Germany, one new item is a mini burger, the Beef Provence. Despite the French name, the cheese on this small, square burger is mozzarella. Its condiment is a ratatouille sauce (oddly also French) that just doesn’t sound like it’s going to displace ketchup or mustard as a burger fave. The diminutive Beef Provence is priced at €1.79, or about $2.50, which makes it cheap to celebrate cheese season.