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New b:2 Burger Boutique Fills In Blanc Burgers

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Blanc's Inside Out Burger

Blanc's Inside Out Burger

Fresh from this week’s victory in’s 2010 Burger Brackets, Blanc Burgers + Bottles isn’t resting on its laurels. In fact, Circle Restaurant Group Partners Ernesto Peralta Jr. and Josh Eans (also its chef) aren’t resting at all. They’re working hard to finish their new restaurant, scheduled to open at the end of the month.

b:2 A Burger Boutique will be another burger-menu restaurant without being another  Blanc Burgers + Bottles. “b:2 is sort of Blanc’s little brother,” says Eans. “It has the same genes, the same pedigree, it’s just scaled down a bit.” One of four restaurants in the new Summit Fair lifestyle/retail center in Lee’s Summit, Mo., b:2 is 3,500 square feet in size, with indoor seating for 90 (another 40 can dine on the patio in nice weather). In contrast, Blanc’s location at Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Mo., is 5,400 square feet and seats 175. A second Blanc is in Leawood, Kan.

Josh Eans

Josh Eans

b:2 burgers will be 6 oz. in precooked weight to Blanc’s 8 oz., and lower than Blanc’s $8 to $12 burger prices. b:2 also will use flattops rather than flame grills, imparting slightly different taste to the burgers. But the commitment to quality won’t change, Eans says. “Blanc is more upscale and flashy; b:2 is more back to basics. Instead of brioche buns, we’ll have potato buns and egg buns which are less expensive, but they’ll still be freshly baked by Farm to Market Bread Co. here. And we’ll still make our ketchup and pickles from scratch in-house. One reason Blanc is so popular is that we pay attention to details; we’ll still do that at b:2.”
Blanc's Leawood location

Blanc's Leawood location

“Modern, dineresque” b:2’s menu will have its own personality. Eans has created his version of McDonald’s iconic Big Mac, and there will be an on-trend patty melt with sautéed mushrooms. One of Blanc’s best sellers is the Inside Out Burger, stuffed with blue cheese and topped with applewood-smoked bacon and onion rings. b:2’s twist will be an Inside Out Brat, with the bratwurst formed into a patty and stuffed with pepper-Jack cheese. It will be served on a pretzel bun. Offering full table service, as does Blanc, b:2’s bar will stock only American craft beers, leaving Blanc to pour upscale Belgian and other international brews.

Blanc's American Kobe Burger

Blanc's American Kobe Burger

“I think Blanc has been successful because we’re different than any other burger place. I haven’t seen another place that does things like we do,” says Eans. He and the kitchen and management staffs have fine-dining experience and sensibilities that they simply have applied to burgers, he says. “That’s why we use brioche buns and why we have ingredients—from Kobe beef to foie gras and lobster—that you’d find at a high-end restaurant. We just put all that in an accessible package, which is a burger. And you can’t get our burgers anywhere else.”

Eans says he and Peralta have talked about some day doing a nonburger restaurant concept. Pizza’s possible. “We’d want to keep the same focus as we have at Blanc, where we just do burgers,” Eans says. “If we opened a pizza place, we’d just do really high-quality pizza. Maybe with a few appetizers.” Peralta might be interested in creating a restaurant featuring the sophisticated cuisine of his native Mexico City, Eans adds. But that’s down the road. For now, their world is Blanc, b:2 and burgers, and that’s working out fine for them.

4 Responses to New b:2 Burger Boutique Fills In Blanc Burgers

  1. Tammy

    First one at b2 on day it opened for dinner. Huge fan of b+b. Hated b2. Will not go back. Caprese burger super salty, buns were tastless, eggplant texture way too rubbery. Missing the bottled soda menu at the plaza and Leawood locations. Offended at menu. It’s like Lee’s Summit was not good enough for the original b+b menu. No onion rings. No inside-out burger, lentil burger, or Kobe burger. Extremely disappointed.

  2. Marc Kalwei

    I was quite disappointed in my first visit. I had a 45 minite wait, the other five at my table had received & eaten half of their burgers before I was served my burger, management compensated for this, chili cheese fries my wife ordered were soggy, the bun was hard on one person’s burger, & on top of this the server asked if we needed change back when we paid after having a 20% gratuity charge on our check to begin with. I normally tip on the quality of service I get & not a percentage added to the bill.
    The quality of the burger was good, but nothing better than a good cut of meat that I could cook at home. I wouldn’t feel comfortable in promoting your business to other people so good luck to you as I have probably made two visits in one FIRST & LAST

  3. Terry

    I have to agree with the other two posts. Our visit to b:2 did not leave a good taste in my mouth. I ordered a burger plus the fried dill pickles. When my order finally came (it was quite a wait!), I had fries instead of pickles. When we told our server, he actually took the fries instead of leaving them as most restaurants would do, not to mention a brand new one, finally brought me my pickles and then said they were taking the french fries off our bill. Really? As if I expected to pay for something I didn’t order? When we finally got our bill, it took a long time to get the server to process it.

    I’m likely giving it one more try, assuming they can now do carryout, but honestly if my daughters weren’t interested in trying it, I likely wouldn’t. Prices are very high for a burger with fries or anything else in addition. $10 for a burger that includes nothing else is a bit pricey.

  4. Bill Meyers

    I went to the restaurant and ordered the Fish and Chips. I was expecting some fish and some chips, which are normally French fries. Unfortunately, this is not what this restaurant calls ‘Fish and Chips’. What I received was a Fish Sandwich with one piece of fish in it for $9. When I asked the waitress where are the chips, she informed me that there are 3 fried pickle slices in the sandwich. Hmmmm…. I then asked where is the cole slaw? She opened up the other side of the sandwich and showed me a about a teaspoon of cole slaw that was dumped on the sandwich bun. This is not what everyone else in the world calls Fish and Chips. They need to call this what it is, a very expensive Fish Sandwich. I ordered fries, which was $4 more. Our waitress seemed pushy for a tip and even pointed out the total that I should tip on. Overall, the prices in this shop were expensive, probably due to the overabundance of Groupon and other coupons circulating around. I would not expect this restaurant to be around very long doing business like this.