Monday News-Nugget Catch-Up for 8/31

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► It’s called a “peel and reveal” game and people take the idea a little too far, ripping off their clothing for Jack in a commercial (below) for Jack in the Box’s “Jack’s Big Rip-Off” promotion. httpvh://

► Why Burgerville pays 90% of health-care premiums for employees who log 20+ hours a week is explained in a Wall Street Journal article

► Consumer spending on foodservice declined globally during the second quarter, with the exception of the United States and Canada, NPD Group reports

► Nancy Silverton, of La Brea Bakery fame, reportedly is planning to open a burger bar in Los Angeles called Grass Burger.

► Germans’ fondness for “currywurst” is so strong that the food merits its own museum. Here’s why.

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