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Monday News-Nugget Catch-Up for 12/21

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wendys_freshwraps[Update: Blueberry Biscuits have been reintroduced to Hardee’s breakfast menu.]

Wendy’s operators we’ve spoken with say the company hasn’t yet told them when it plans to introduce the Fresh Wraps line (Baja Chicken and Smokehouse BBQ) that it has been testing and that we’ve been writing about for months. But it seems a rollout could be coming soon since this announcement page (at left) is ready to go on the Wendy’s Web site (the chain took it down after this post appeared). 

Judging by responses our posts have received and that Wendy’s operators in Austin, Texas, and other test markets say they have gotten, customers like the rolled-to-order Fresh Wraps, especially the Baja. The $4.29 price doesn’t appear to be a hurdle, but some consumers express concerns about the calorie counts (860 for Baja, 1,070 for Smokehouse). Choosing grilled rather than crispy chicken can lower those numbers, however. Both wraps use Wendy’s Boneless Wings chicken-breast-meat pieces; the Smokehouse also gets the chain’s new applewood-smoked bacon. We’ll predict that the Fresh Wraps will debut widely in 2010’s first quarter.

 ► Our post last week about the looming breakfast battle in January brought a quick response from Hardee’s, which we suggested might borrow Carl’s Jr.‘s Breakfast Burger. Sorry, not gonna do that, Hardee’s said via Twitter. But the chain did say that it will “sweeten” its breakfast menu today.
     That likely means the addition of a new sweet breakfast item, although it also could just be a sweetening of prices. Keep an eye on Hardee’s today for the answer.

Still more forecasts and research that are worth reading were released last week. Among the best:
Sodexo runs down 10 college food trends (and what college students want now is what they’ll expect restaurants to offer when they graduate).
Nielsen lines up its top 5 consumer-goods spending trends.
► Hospitality-design leader Puccini Group lays out 10 food-and-beverage trends to watch.

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  1. J.B.

    Wendy’s also introduced their new Spicy Chicken Nuggets today.