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Monday Meeting: Steak ’n Shake’s “Four-Pack” Gambit

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Steak ’n Shake’s previously announced promise to freeze prices for 2012 apparently doesn’t preclude lowering those prices.

The Indianapolis-based chain’s latest move, made over the weekend in a couponed newspaper insert, is a bold effort to joint the trend to bundling multi-person meals. Steak ’n Shake’s version is a Family 4 Pack, which offers any four of its Under $4 Meals plus any four regular Classic milk shakes for $19.99 with coupon. In this instance, the total amount of the discount is less significant than that four meals must be purchased to see the savings.

McDonald’s returns to 1955

To deepen the offer, Steak ’n Shake is doubling the Under $4 Meal line with four new $3.99 entrees: 3 Shooters (mini burgers) and fries; Cheesy Cheddar Steak Frank and fries; Chili Cheese Steak Frank and fries and its Chicago-Style Steak Frank and fries. Further, another coupon extends Steak ’n Shake’s half-price-milk-shake “Happy Hour” deal to any hour of the day.

◘ Full circle: After a grand tour of European menu boards, McDonald’s 1955 Burger is back on the Arches’ menu in Germany, where the burger first appeared in 2010. It returns supported by a new TV commercial (at left) from agency Heye OMD that goes beyond summoning the styles of 1955 (when Ray Kroc opened his first McDonald’s). This one evokes black leather, rock ’n roll and Marilyn Monroe. Watch the commercial here.