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Monday Meeting: McDonald’s, Eggplant and Asia

McDonald's eggplant-topped McItaly Adagio.

The return of McRib is about as unexpected as the cancellation of “Charlie’s Angels,” and just as interesting. Here are three other McDonald’s tidbits that are more indicative of the global state of the burger business: 

● What’s more unusual than McRib? How about a burger topped with mashed eggplant? That’s the thinking in Italy where renowned Michelin-starred chef Gualtiero Marchesi has unveiled the second of his two creations for McDonald’s. The new McItaly Adagio burger (at left) is promoted as “music for the palate.” Atop the burger is a “mousse” of eggplant with tomato and ricotta salata cheese, all nestled in a bun with chopped almonds. Play on!

Chef Marchesi’s first burger, introduced earlier this month, was the more traditional McItaly Vivace. It was topped bacon, salted spinach, marinated onions and mayo with mustard seeds.

● A few weeks ago, this site reported on McDonald’s pan-Asian menu development and its introduction of a KBQ Korean barbecue burger in its Japan restaurants. But the chain’s Asian trend has broadened since then.

In Germany, McDonald’s new marketing cry is “Simply Asia” (Einfach Asien) as it makes the new Wasabi Beef burger and Thai Curry Chicken LTOs its focus. The burger has a beef patty, Chinese cabbage, carrots, a spicy wasabi sauce and Asian-style barbecue sauce on a wheat bun. The other puts a crispy breaded-chicken patty on the Chinese cabbage and carrots, topping that with paprika and Thai curry sauce.

In Luxembourg, McDonald’s Asian menu also includes four fried won tons or fried shrimp accompanied by Asian barbecue sauce and sesame sauce, and a McWrap Asia Shrimp entrée.

● Although anything “curry” plays well in the United Kingdom now, McDonald’s newest promotion isn’t spicy. It isn’t even about food. Rather, beginning today (Oct. 31), the chain is offering a line of six Coca-Cola glasses that trace the brand’s development from 1899 to 1994. Tell us again: Why is it McDonald’s doesn’t do Coke-glass promos here?

1 comment to Monday Meeting: McDonald’s, Eggplant and Asia

  • Manavee

    “Tell us again: Why is it McDonald’s doesn’t do Coke-glass promos here?”

    I’m guessing because the glass could be used as a weapon for the latest McDonald’s YouTube Fight Video Du Jour.

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