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McDonald’s Trying Build-Your-Own Quarter Pounders

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“Have it your way” is Burger King’s longtime slogan but McDonald’s is testing build-your-own-burger customization and new premium-price burgers in Southern California, according to a story today by Nancy Luna in the Orange County Register (OCR).

At a recently remodeled restaurant in upscale Laguna Niguel, Calif., south of Los Angeles, McDonald’s waitstaff in black or in white chefs aprons welcome customers at the entrance. The restaurant offers three new high-price specialty burgers as well as the option to choose custom toppings from the list on an iPad menu. The OCR reports that the test is taking place in an Illinois McDonald’s as well.

McDonald's recently improved its Quarter Pounder line. Will its customers let it move farther upscale?

McDonald’s recently improved its Quarter Pounder line (above). Do its customers want it to move farther upscale with BYO customization? That’s the test.

The BYO and specialty burgers—the SoCal Style, Hot All Over and Grill Thriller—all use the regular Quarter Pounder patty but are priced at $5.79. That takes McDonald’s up to fast-casual pricing:  a 7.5 oz. BYO burger at fast-casual chain Smashburger is $5.99.

The OCR says the options include more than 20 toppings and sauces, such as white Cheddar, guacamole, caramelized onions, grilled mushrooms, creamy garlic sauce and applewood-smoke bacon. Other than guacamole, these seem to be foods it has on hand for other menu items (for example, the garlic sauce is used in the Chicken & Bacon McWrap).

Tray liners promote the burgers as “Real. Freshly Grilled. One of a Kind,” the OCR says.

A McDonald’s spokesperson told the OCR that the test allows it to hear from customers “what they expect from McDonald’s in terms of the overall restaurant experience and their ability to further customize their menu choices.” In other words, “Will our customers give us permission to go to BYO and $6 burgers?” They’ve recently said OK on chicken wings but always have turned thumbs down on attempts to sell pizza.

I’m sure the same folks who obsessed whether Burger King’s Big King is a “rip off” of the Big Mac will choose to see the BYO test as copycatting BK’s slogan or cloning the many fast-casual and casual-dining concepts that offer customization. These include chains such as The Counter (and its new Built fast-casual spinoff), Smashburger, Fuddruckers, Bagger Dave’s Burger Tavern, Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar and many more. BYO customization is central to many of the upscale independent burger-bar concepts such as Southern California-based Slater’s 50/50. Why shouldn’t the Golden Arches try it?

McDonald’s and other restaurants are having trouble increasing customer traffic. One obvious remedy to that (if you want to grow) is to build the average check with customers you have. The BYO test looks to me like an exercise in check-building.

There’s research that says McDonald’s is smart to offer BYO customization: Technomic’s latest Burger Consumer Trend Report finds that 64% of the 653 adults polled say it’s important to be able to customize toppings on their burger. That’s up from 55% in a similar study just two years ago. Additionally, 64% called build-your-own-burger concepts “highly appealing.”

Addendum: At its bi-annual analysts meeting this week, McDonald’s hinted that it will roll out a Clubhouse Quarter Pounder, according to Janney Montgomery White analyst Mark Kalinowski reported. This is likely similar to the Clubhouse Angus (an update of the English Pub Burger tested earlier) McDonald’s tested last year. That burger was topped with Dijon mustard sauce, grilled onions, hickory-smoked bacon, white Cheddar and American cheeses and steak sauce. It was on an onion roll but Kalinowski says the new version is on an artisan roll.

2 Responses to McDonald’s Trying Build-Your-Own Quarter Pounders

  1. Doesn’t matter how they “Dress it up”—if they still use Frozen Patties, and Pre-Cook them, they don’t have a chance against the Indies–

  2. Mikel (Toledo)

    I personally do not look at the “new” products, when going to Mickey D’s (Mc D’s nickname, not the Detroit restaurant chain). I want what is familiar to me, and what craving I know is going to be solved or cured.

    Now let’s speak of the cost conscious consumer, who has health insurance to buy, per the Government; taking care of the kids, in all ways of cost; transportation; electric or heat/cooling bills… catch what I am saying? It seems that most of the products are NOT SEDUCTIVE ENOUGH to look at. If you really want me to look at a product, make it seductive by describing what’s on it, if it’s fresh or frozen, maybe has organic components (hence the high cost), positives it will do for me (other than appearances). Also make it so irresistible, at an irresistible price, to get them addicted to it for that month. NO fast food burger IS WORTH ALMOST $6.00. GET REAL to get consumers!