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McDonald’s Throws a Wrap Party on Euro Menus

McD's Fruhstucks Wrap in Germany

McD's Fruhstucks Wrap in Germany

McDonald’s introduction of the Mac Snack Wrap in 600 New York Metro locations this month suggests the chain is proceeding cautiously with this snack-size incarnation of the Big Mac, which it tried first in Canada in March.

In contrast to McD’s North American menu conservatism, however, the chain’s European R&D folks are behaving like 6-year-olds at a cupcake-decorating party, having a grand time creating and rolling out new wraps. It’s like they can’t wait to see what else they can fold up in a tortilla–full or snack size–and put on their menu. And it’s possible that some of the more successful wrap ideas could find their way to the U.S. menu in the future.

What sorts of wraps is McDonald’s trying? How about combining ground beef, corn, kidney beans, cheese….and cucumbers! That’s the Chili Beef Wrap on the Mickey D’s menu in Austria.

The Chicken Roll at McDonald's in Slovakia

The Chicken Roll at McDonald's in Slovakia

The Germans’ Frühstücks Wrap is an interesting breakfast combo with sausage, lettuce, tomato and an omelet. And what if you wanted to try that with chicken instead of sausage? McDonald’s in Hungary has the answer: The Wrap Omelettel has chicken and an omelet tucked into its tortilla.

McDonald's Denmark

McDonald's Denmark

Other offerings are less ambitious. Britain’s Ranch Snack Wrap combines chicken not only with ranch sauce but also with “ranch cheese.” We can only guess. The Caesar Wrap (snack size) in Finland and the Chicken Roll in Slovakia are fairly straightforward amalgams of chopped chicken and lettuce bits. In France, the P’tit Wrap is a snack-size tidbit with chicken, tomato and herbs. The Chicken Fajita Wrap in Denmark at least adds salsa to the chicken/lettuce equation for a bit of spice. Switzerland, too, is wrapping up Caesar salad and chicken, although another new product, the curiously named Beef Crusty burger, is definitely what you want to order. Even if it doesn’t have a tortilla.

1 comment to McDonald’s Throws a Wrap Party on Euro Menus

  • MEP

    Good for our European neighbors. Undying love and admiration to the first McDonald’s that puts diced wrap in a tortilla… with lettuce.

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