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McDonald’s Testing Wing Pricing

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McDonald’s is testing lower pricing for its Mighty Wings bone-in chicken wings and not just consumer interest in its test of the item in Chicago.

The wings test that began last July in Atlanta moved to Chicago this week with a tweak in pricing. According to a GrubGrade report last summer, in Atlanta the wings were priced at $3.29 for a 3-piece pack, $4.99 for a 5-piece and $8.99 for 10 wings, with a 5-piece meal with fries and drink at $6.29. In Chicago, McDonald’s is pricing the 3-wings pack a bit lower, at $2.99. The 5-piece option also gets notched down to $4.79. The 10-piece serving stays at $8.99.

McDonald’s, based in suburban Chicago, has tested a number of items there recently. These include the Steak & Egg Burrito (at right, offered now) and recently departed McWraps.

One Response to McDonald’s Testing Wing Pricing

  1. john

    The thing that gets me about the price of wings is that not too long ago they were something to throw away. Now you want to sell them for a dollar a piece. What a ripoff.