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McDonald’s Reboots Service in Canada

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McDonald’s is launching what it’s calling a “brand revolution” in in Canada, remaking its consumer engagement with Walmart-style greeters, table service and technology. All of this means a $200,000-per-store investment for the roughly 1,100 franchised and 300 company-owned McDonald’s in Canada.

“We are kicking off a bold plan to transform what guests experience when they visit McDonald’s restaurants across Canada,” McDonald’s Canada President-CEO John Betts said of the plan. “We want our guests to walk in and be wowed by an experience that’s modern and personalized, but still the McDonald’s they know and love.”

McWrapThe full upgrade is now in just two Toronto locations but will be gradually extended across Canada. Part of the package is the Create Your Taste (CYT) customization platform, which the company says will be in 1,000 Canadian stores by the end of 2017.

An additional element of this plan, which McDonald’ boasts is “rewriting the rules of guest service” is the creation of “Guest Experience Leaders,” who will greet customers and help them use the self-order CYT kiosks. The chain said it expects to create 15,000 new jobs under the plan. Some of those jobs will be for wait staff who will bring CYT meals to the table when ready (traditional counter service remains available).

Separately, McDonald’s Canada is expanding its breakfast menu with creation of “More-ning McWraps.” These tortilla-wrapped extensions of the breakfast burrito are offered in Sausage & Hash Brown and Kale & Feta varieties.

5 Responses to McDonald’s Reboots Service in Canada

  1. Stack

    They’ve lost their minds with this create your taste platform. What happened to simplifying the menu? Streamlining service? Getting back to basics? This feels like it’s going to end up like pizza or the deli sandwiches – large initial investment from the franchisees for what will ultimately become another failed experiment – and it’s just too far removed from their brand which was built on speed, value, and quality.

    McDonald’s is trying to be a Costco when they’re really a Dollarama – and there’s nothing wrong with being a Dollarama if there’s a market for it and you can do it better than anybody else.

  2. So in place of a person taking your order there’s a self-service robot – but there is a person to help you with the self-service robot…

  3. No matter how much they deny it McDonald’s management feels they have to be all things to all people. They think they can grow by attracting “Value Customers” with $1.00 sandwiches and also be able to attract high end burger customers who will spend $10.00 for a McDonald’s meal.

    I don’t know if they’ve lost their minds but they certainly are delusional.

  4. Tracy Casteels

    I had the opportunity to have a “Create Your Taste” Angus burger at a Toronto restaurant last week and have to admit that it was delicious. The digital board that you order on is easy to use and could choose ingredients like aoili and guacamole. The table service was a pretty cool experience – all that for $10.00 – you can’t get a gourmet burger ANYWHERE in Toronto for that price let alone get it served to you…

  5. SanDiegoInExile

    I love using kiosks to order. And when airlines introduced them a decade-plus ago, they hired “helpers” to facilitate the process. It takes time to change consumer habits. Sadly, Jack in the Box discontinued their kiosks. It was so great to personalize your order, without having the cashier stare blankly at you or try to find the buttons on their screen to change things up. And then try to repeat back to you what they thought they heard, but weren’t sure. There was also a nice bonus of 2 free tacos to use the kiosk.