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McDonald’s Bundles Dollar Menu as “Value Packs”

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McD_ValuePack_DallasThe Dollar Menu & More was just introduced to  McDonald’s U.S. stores but the chain already is looking for ways to leverage that budget menu. One possibility is the “Mickey D’s Value Pack” multi-person meals that a McDonald’s spokesperson confirmed are being tested in select Western Division markets.

In Dallas, two options are being offered; both of them combinations of items found on the Dollar Menu & More. The $10 Value Pack includes four regular cheeseburgers, four Hot & Spicy McChicken sandwiches and two medium fries. A $14.99 version bundles 20-piece McNuggets with that same combo of four cheeseburgers, four Hot & Spicy McChickens and two medium fries.

The four-sandwich Value Packs are a step up from the two-person Blitz Box boxed meal McDonald’s offered earlier this year in Kansas City, Mo. The bundled non-Dollar-Menu items it included: two Quarter Pounders with Cheese, two medium fries and a 20-piece serving of Chicken McNuggets for $14.99.

Both Value Packs offer only modest savings (about $1 depending on local pricing) compared with buying the same items a la carte. But any increased value is a plus in the current QSR economy.  The benefit to operators is that the bundled meals ensure that high-margin fries are included the meals.

These local deals are McDonald’s first U.S. tests of boxed meals, which it has offered successfully in Europe and Asia. The idea began in Australia in 2010 with the introduction of multi-person Dinner Boxes. These are still available.

2 Responses to McDonald’s Bundles Dollar Menu as “Value Packs”

  1. Around 1 buck in savings is horrible!!!!

  2. Julian

    I have eaten at mcdonalds all over the world, most recently Ukraine. The consistency in quality is incredible! A tasty way to spread democracy around the world.