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McDonald’s Blitz Box Tests Multi-Meals

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McDonald's first boxed meal in the U.S.

McDonald’s first boxed meal in the U.S.

McDonald’s for the first time has brought to the U.S. the multi-person boxed meal idea it first tried in Australia in 2010. In the Kansas City, Mo., market, the chain is heralding the start of the NFL season with the Blitz Box, a boxed meal that includes two Quarter Pounders with Cheese, two medium fries and a 20-piece serving of Chicken McNuggets. The Blitz Box is priced at $14.99.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said the Blitz Box promotion is tied to the Kansas City Co-op’s sponsorship of the Kansas City Chiefs and that at this time it is only a local promotion. But I’d say watch for it to appear in other markets, if not nationally, at some point. The tactic has big advantages.

Boxed meals are SOP for KFC and the rest of the chicken category, which has been putting chicken-for-many in buckets and boxes for years. But the burger category has been slow to adopt the idea, likely because cold chicken is fine but cold burgers are not. But now the tight marketplace has convinced McDonald’s to try it. The boxed meal takes the best part of the combo meal—inclusion of higher-profit sides and beverages—and doubles or triples that element. Operators love that.

McDonald's first tried multi-person boxed meals in 2010 in Australia.

McDonald’s first tried multi-person boxed meals in 2010 in Australia.

McDonald’s introduced the multi-person Dinner Box meals in Australia in March 2010. These have various combinations of cheeseburgers, Big Macs and Quarter Pounders with fries and Nuggets. It subsequently tried a chicken version and a two-person Mates Meal version for lunch in 2011.

At McDonald’s Open Doors media event in June of this year, CEO Don Thompson said he saw an opportunity to try that tactic in the U.S. (though he did not say when) because it fits how people use QSRs.

“There’s a trend in eating now to bundling,” Thompson said then. “It used to be you’d see teens eating meals separately. Now you’ll see them getting two or three fries and burgers for four or five and putting it all in the center to share.”

McDonald’s has since tried a Family Breakfast multi-person box in Malaysia and a McBox family meal box in Czech Republic.

I have to mention that last November not only did correctly forecast that this would be the “Year of the Bun,” it also predicted that “2013 finally is the year that multi-person boxed meals come to the burger category.”

12 Responses to McDonald’s Blitz Box Tests Multi-Meals

  1. a boots

    when do you think that they will have the dinner box or the blitz box in michigan?

  2. Dom

    You got a shout out on Bloomberg Radio This morning for this article.

  3. Thanks! Like we tell advertisers, gets read!

  4. robb

    When is McDonalds going to serve breakfast all day long?

  5. I’d guess the Breakfast After Midnight menu rolling out now is as close as you’ll get for awhile.

  6. Jr

    This does not seem like a good value.
    McDonads has 20 piece chicken Mcnuggets for $4.99
    Add with items off the Value meal & $1.00 any size sodas
    & you can feed the same amount of people ( or more )
    For less money.

  7. KimNovack

    I don’t see this as a good value. There are no drinks offered with the box blitz. And why only quarter pounders? Why not have a choice of sandwich? I was very upset that the angus burger is no longer on the market. People are looking to save money when it comes to fast food. At this point we’re not. For a large sandwich at the prices that are being charged at McDonald’s, I can get at a made to order fast food place with what ever I want on it at or close to the price., with a bigger burger patty. Just saying.

  8. Abigail Jonson

    KFC did this two years ago.

  9. If not before. I believe the post says that boxed meals are standard operating procedure for the chicken and pizza segments, but not for the burger segment.

  10. RobAlister

    With no drinks I don’t see this being a value. It’s a bit overpriced. I’m willing to bet that buying these items separately would cost less.

  11. BobsBurgers

    The included Kansas City Chief’s car flag will sell this promotion. Sell these in every NFL city, during the fall, and they will sell. Switch the flag to MLB and NHL during those seasons and they will sell.

  12. Vera Stepp

    Love the idea, please bring it to the Winston-Salem market soon, it will work well for teens and our college populations (3 colleges and a technical college)